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Belle and Sebastien

Belle and Sebastien first appeared on on British Television in late 1967. This wonderful black and white dubbed French adventure (Thirteen episodes of around 25 mins in Season One) soon became an essential ingredient of school holiday television. It was shown on the BBC2 channel early in the mornings which was sometimes a little too early for a lazy seven year old with no TV in his bedroom. The first transmission is 'Belle and Sebastian: a new serial', BBC1, 5.20pm, Monday, Oct 02, 1967 (after Blue Peter). Part 13 was broadcast on Monday, Jan 01, 1968.

'Belle, Sebastian and the Horses', BBC1, 5.30, Monday, Sep 16, 1968. Last episode Monday, Dec 23, 1968.

'Belle, Sebastien and the Horses', Telefis Eireann, 7pm, Tuesday, Dec 30, 1969 to Thursday, Feb 05, 1970.

'Belle and Sebastian' repeated BBC1, 5.20pm, Monday, Feb 23, 1970 to Monday, May 18, 1970.

'Belle, Sebastian and the Horses' repeated BBC1, 5.20pm, Monday, Jun 14, 1971 to Monday, Aug 23, 1971

'Belle, Sebastian and the Horses' repeated Tuesday, Aug 07, 1973 through the week in the mornings, ending on Thursday, Aug 23, 1973.

'Belle and Sebastian' repeated BBC1, 10.05am, Monday, Jul 26, 1976, then daily till Wednesday, Aug 11, 1976.

'Belle and Sebastian' repeated BBC1, 10.35am, Tuesday, Jul 25, 1978, then daily till Wednesday, Aug 09, 1978.

Many thanks to Chris Goddard for the above information.

The adventure written by Cecile Aubry, concerned a small boy named Sebastien who befriends Belle a huge white dog who roams the mountains near to where Sebastien and his family live. The small village is set in the French Alps in the mountain village of Saint-Martin, near the Italian border. No matter how many times I saw this series, I never ever got to watch the last episodes as my Grandparents would hoist me off to the seaside for a day. Hopefully this first episode will enable former kids like me to recall those lazy days of Summer with images and a guide of the first ever episode. More episodes will follow in time.

The book Belle and Sebastien was published and can be picked up from time to time depending on where you look for it. Published in 1967 copyright British Broadcasting Corporation, from the original screenplay, Belle et Sebastien by Cecile Aubry.


Belle the dog of the mountains
The orphan boy Sebastien
Cesar who adopts and names Sebastien
Angelina, Sebastien's sister
Jean, Sebastien's brother
The Village Doctor
Doctor Guillaume
Albere - Customs Guard
Spitting image of Captain Scarlet
Geo (or is he really Captain Scarlet)
Norbert - sinister newcomer to the village
Celestine the Doctor's house keeper

French lady who introduces each episode
Episode Presenter

The Story

Episode One - The Meeting (original BBC transmission 2nd October 1967)

Our story beings six years in the past. Two custom's (Albere and Geo) men are patrolling the mountains. It has been a night of very heavy snow and the last thing they expect to see are any people. However they are surprised when they see the shape of a young woman battling with the snow as she struggles to find her footing. She sees an old abandoned shelter and makes for it but she is so weak that she collapses in the snow clutching a precious bundle to her chest. The custom's men rush to help her and are soon joined by a mountain hunter called Cesar. The three men take her to the shelter but realise that they are too late to help her and that she is dying. They are too far away to fetch any help. They do what they can to make her comfortable but it would be too long before the doctor could arrive. By the time the doctor arrives, the child is alive but alas the baby's mother (we assume this is the boy's mother) is dead. As it is Saint Sebastien's day, Cesar decides to call him Sebastien. On the same day that Sebastien came into the world, a young pup called Belle was born.

Sebastien's mother is exhausted and close to death Cesar with the unknown mother The village Doctor arrives too late

Cesar adopts the baby boy At the same moment the puppy Belle is born The French Alps where the story begins

Belle was a puppy sold to many masters, abandoned by some and given away by others she began to mistrust adults until one day she had had enough. She was tied up by her new master and when released she attacked her master and ran and hid in the mountains. In these same mountains a young Sebastien was growing up. Sebastien is a typical young boy getting into mischief whenever he can. The local young boys always chase him and call him a gypsy. He goes to the village with his brother Jean and runs errands for his sister Angelina who we learn likes the village Doctor. We also hear that the local police have put out a notice about a dangerous dog in the mountains and that all people are warned to shoot to kill.

Sebastien getting into trouble The village market Sebastien and the Doctor tallk about school

Sebastien runs off shouting that he won't let anyone kill the dog. He runs into the Doctor who tries to persuade him to go to school in the Spring. Sebastien refuses point blank as the local boys are always taunting him. He eventually agrees and then heads off home. On his way he decides to go for a walk in the mountains where he meets Belle. He tries to persuade her to come down for some food but Belle heads off back into the snow. Back at the house Sebastien gets into trouble for taking walks without permission especially as there is a vicious dog on the loose. He confides with Cesar that he does not want the dog killed and Cesar promises they won't kill Belle.

Sebastien's home He meets Belle Sebastien is caught trying to sneak out

The next day the whole village is filled with gossip about sightings of the dog. Sebastien is totally miserable in the house and ask his grandfather if he can go with him into the hills. His grandfather agrees. Here ends episode 1 of Bell and Sebastien...

Sebastien looking for Belle Cesar is cleaning his rifle Angelina prepares a meal

Episode Two - The Refuge Hut....coming soon.


Production of RTF and Gaumont Television

Sebastien Pierre Medhi
Cesar Edmund Beauchamp
Doctor Guillaume Jean Michel Audin
Jean Dominique Blondeau
Angelina Paloma Matta
Celestine Helen Dieudonne
Rene Blancart
Geo Beuf
Jean Combol
Maryse Christophe
Pierre Cavallo
Guy Di Rigo
Michael Garnier
Nane Germon
Jean Pierre Lorrain
Claude Rossignol
Written and Adapted by Cecile Aubry
Music Daniel White
Jaques Bourdon
Paul Fabian
Jaques Ledoux
Albert Weill
R Pype
J Boutiron
Gabriel Paris
Executive Producer Ettienne Laroche
Producer Helene Gagarine
Director Jean Guillaume

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End Credits End Credits End Credits