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Catch Kandy

Click here for an mp3 of the introductory music - (mp3 file 1.9Mb)

Catch Kandy - 1973 Australian Children's Classic (guys this was over 30 years ago)

This one should be one of the most remembered children's dramas to be imported into the UK. I have very vivid memories of watching it aged around seven years old. I loved this series as a child and have spent an absolute age attempting to get hold of via the Australian television archives. Alas I have yet to make any headway but I have got hold of the introductory credits via Patricia. I have put up an mp3 of the of the music which I'm sure will ring a few bells. Made in 1973 this Australian children's drama centered around a young boy called Catch played by Jann Ramel and his sister Kate played by a very young Jacqueline Foley.

Catch and Kate are orphans and live with their Uncle. He is not the best of substitute parents and has often been cruel & nasty to the children. One day Catch and his sister are being shouted at over nothing and Catch snaps. He hits out at his Uncle and accidentally causes him to fall during which he hits his head on the floor and knocks himself out. Catch believes him to be dead and is so frightened that he and Kate will end up separated or even worse, they decide to run away. They soon encounter all type of adventures whilst on the run. They do get help though from several adults including one special friend in the form of Christian a nice man who helps them evade the police. Christian was played by Shane Porteous who later found greater fame playing the lead doctor role (Dr. Terence Elliot) in the Australian drama "A Country Practice." The children hide out in the local zoo and in a cave all centered around the city center of Sydney. Each adventure has the Uncle constantly trying to track down and capture the children.

Song Lyrics sung by Lionel Long

There once was an adventure boy

Catch Kandy was his name

All ball games were his pride and joy

He dreamed of ball game fame


But Catch's dreams were fairy floss (thanks to David Kaplan for the missing lyric)

And life was real and true

He never dreamed in make believe

What he would have to do


His life was changed when Catch believed

He'd done his uncle harm

So he and Kate must hide away

And run at each alarm


And then his dreams were filled with men

All angry broad and tall

And when they yelled "Catch Kandy"

They were just playing ball


First shown back in 1973, this 13 part drama was on for 30 minutes. Actors and Actresses shown below. I'm afraid that is all I have on this great little drama. Precious little else is available through the usual channels. Hope this brings back a few happy memories though.

Catch Kandy
Catch Kandy Jann Ramel
Kate Kandy Jacqueline Foley
Christian Faber Shane Porteous
  Lyn James
  Zac Martin
  Peter Reynolds
  Carmen Duncan
  Bob Lee
Series created by Romie Hill
Original Music John Sangster
Song sung by Lionel Long
Possible Episode Directors Terry Bourke
Eric Fullilove
Peter Maxwell
Gerald Turney-Smith
Ron Way
Executive Producer R. A. Cole
Cinematography / Camera Alan Grice
Produced by C.W.Bewick Hack
Directed by G. Turney-Smith
An Australian Film Production  


Catch Kandy Catch Kandy

Catch Kandy Catch Kandy

Catch Kandy


And so ends a superb story from the Australian Film Production. It's a real pity the children stars of the adventure did not go on to greater heights as they were superb actors. I have been unable to track down any further information on their acting careers. I'm afraid that's all folks as I do not have any episodes on tape. If anyone has any more episode information / memories or was involved in the creation, filming of Catch Kandy etc. then please contact me by clicking email in the navigation bar at the top of the page.