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The start of Hattytown

Episode Guide Part Two

The King's Portrait. King Ethelbert wants his portrait painting. He decides to request the best painter in Hattytown to do the job. He thus holds a competition to see who is the best artist.

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Left - Sancho discussing with the King

Right - Notice on the Town Hall

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Left - The King judging the paintings

Right - The Kings picks Carrots as the winner

Saving Time. The Mayor of Hattytown is complaining about too many duties and that he never has enough time in the day. Simon blames the town hall clock and Carrots agrees with him. Bobby prepares for the flower show but is also complaining about how fast time goes as it only seems like yesterday that the last years flower show took place. Carrots thinks he may have solved the problem. He tells the Mayor the wrong time by stopping the town hall clock with a carrot. When everyone find out they are furious. Simon is late for stamp collectors, Mr. Bun burns the cake. The Mayor is late for all his functions. Carrots and Sancho leave quietly. "You cannot save time just by stopping a clock" Sancho says to Carrots.

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Bobby preparing for the flower show, Sancho admiring Bobby's flowers, Carrots in trouble about the clock

Up and Away. Simon is checking out a hot air balloon. Bobby also checks the balloon. Posty and Sancho do not believe it will work. They get in it to give a try. They sail up in the air and decide to deliver the letters to Hattytown via air mail. Mr. Wimple is furious when a parcel hits him on the head and chases after the balloon with Bobby insisting that he arrest it. The balloon comes to rest on the palace of the King. He is most impressed with the balloon and wants one built for the next day. You shall have one says the Mayor. Wimple, however, never does anything himself. He instructs Carrots and Sancho to make one. They build through the night and then in the morning the Mayor takes over and they get no thanks whatsoever. All of Hattytown are present to see the King take off. However, the balloon leaves the King on the ground as Sancho and Carrots forgot to put a bottom in the basket. He glares angrily at the Mayor so the Mayor blames Carrots and Sancho. The King, however, says it is the Mayor's fault.

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Written and Narrated Keith Chatfield
Puppets and Animation Ivor Wood
Decor Rafael Esteve
Design Consultant Colin Groves
Produced by FilmFair 1981

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