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Jamie and the Magic Torch

Little Gems - Jamie and the Magic Torch

Episode 1 - Hidden Persuasion

Jamie and Wordsworth arrive in Cuckoo Land. It is very quiet, too quiet but it soon changes with the arrival of Constable Gotcha. He swiftly meets the duo but does not greet Jamie and Wordsworth. Instead he stands there silently and then starts clucking like a hen. Something strange is going on in Cuckoo Land - now there's a surprise.

The two arrive in Cuckoo Land Constable Gotcha arrives at great speed Even Mr. Boo is acting odd

Jamie find the cause of the problem Bulli has taken the torch Jamie has been affected as well as the rest of Cuckoo Land

They get no sense from the policeman and so he speeds off. Soon they realise that all the occupants of Cuckoo Land are behaving strangely including Mr. Boo. The two soon find the problem is with a machine that is putting people in a trance. It is being run by Bulli who wants the torch. Eventually the Jamie and Wordsworth stumble across the problem and as ever, the magic torch saves the day and puts everything back to right. Jamie and Wordsworth then must head back home before mum discovers them missing.

Episode 2 - The Dirty Submachine

Jamie and Wordsworth arrive in Cuckoo Land. They hear some arguing in the distance and it turns out to be Mr. Boo and Bulli Bundy. Mr. Boo wants to clean his dirty submachine by hand using brushes and water. Bulli accuses him of not being with the times and wants technology to do the job. The big rabbit has been banging on about the matter for nearly half an hour.

The two are arguing over how to clean the submachine They are still arguing Bulli wants to do magic

For once it appears to have worked It actually appears to do what it is supposed to do Everyone is astonished

Soon the land is covered in soap suds The submachine has shrunk in the wash Jamie looks down the periscope and is seen by Mr. Boo

The torch saves the day Everyone is grateful and says goodbye to Jamie and Wordsworth

Eventually Bulli decides to use magic and as usual it does not turn out quite right. Mr. Boo's ship is clean but it has shrunk in the wash. In addition to all that, Cuckoo Land is being invaded by soap suds as the machine carries on producing foam. As usual Jamie, Wordsworth and the torch come to the rescue. The torch is pointed at the soap suds and they instantly evaporate. On finding that Mr. Boo's ship and indeed Mr. Boo have shrunk, he points the torch at the submachine to bring it back to its correct size. All is well again and soon it is time for Jamie and Wordsworth to return home.

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