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The Adventures of Kum Kum

(Paramount Productions)

Episode Guide

The Village children are as usual up to mischief trying to make a fool of Dark Eyes whose village function is to prophecise. Dark eyes prophesises that a catastrophe will come very soon. Not long after this statement, Roman returns to the Village. Roman has been away for two years wandering the world. He left after an argument with his father (the Wise One). Roman and his father do not see eye to eye and so he does not stay at his father's home as his father's attitude has not changed. Roman thought his father would have changed and would have welcomed him home but this does not happen. Roman thus realises that he will have to leave the village again soon. Wild Flower (Kum Kum's sister) is overjoyed to see Roman but is then upset when she hears he is leaving. Wild Flower admits that she has waited two years for Roman's return and that she will go with him unless he decides to stay. Kum Kum and his friends decide to help build Roman a house and that way he will stay in the village and as a result of this Wild Flower will also remain. The children's first attempts at house building end in disaster so Roman decides to take charge of things and build a house according to some designs he saw during his wanderings.

When the house is complete, the children then take furniture and other belongings from their own houses to Roman's house in an attempt to furnish it. The villagers soon notice things missing from their homes and thus accuse Roman of stealing. They do not listen when the children try to explain. Eventually Strong Arm (Kum Kum's father) intervenes (he is the leader of the village) and states that he does not believe that Roman is guilty. Eventually Roman decides that the welcome back in the village has not been a good one and so decides to leave. His father, who until now has not really spoken to Roman, intervenes and persuades Roman to stay - much to the delight of Wild Flower. Roman thus returns to the village.

Strong arm, Flora, Water Lily and Wild Flower are out working in the fields. The food crops are not very good this season due to very poor weather. Strong arm is not sure why but they have had a very wet period recently but is concerned that their will not be enough food to go round. As they gather in the potato crops the children are busy chasing the Cheeky Squeakies. They find hundreds of the creatures all gathered together on a mushroom shaped rock. The children do not know why they are there but as they investigate everywhere goes very quiet. Suddenly the volcano erupts causing a huge explosion. The village survives but the villagers are then faced with raining ash. It lands like snow and the children play in it. The cheeky squeakies get trapped in the ash and so the children decide to rescue them.

In gratitude the cheeky squeakies leave the children a shiny egg. Butterfly looks after the egg whilst Jumbo and the other boys go hunting for more eggs. Whilst away Butterfly's egg stops shining and she thinks it's dead. The boys return, however, with more shiny eggs and they too stop shining. They take all the eggs to the lake belonging to a gigantic dinosaur called Saurus. They ask the dinosaur if they me leave the eggs in the waters. The giant dinosaur refuses them entry but sprays the eggs with water. The eggs immediately start shining again and suddenly hatch open. They turn out to be large seeds and not eggs. The seeds produce large melon plants which when planted produce a huge crop of food. The Cheeky Squeakies have saved the village.

The village is rocked by a series of powerful earthquakes, not from the volcano though. A huge hot water geyser begins firing out hot water across the land. The villagers soon realise that this will mean they cannot go near for fear of being burnt. The children notice, however, that lots of animals and the cheeky squeakies are using the hot water pools surrounding the geyser. Tum Tum is placed in the shadow of a tree whilst Kum Kum and his friends play. Tum Tum has to move constantly as the shadow of the tree is moving. Suddenly the animals all depart followed soon by the Cheeky Squeakies.

Not long after, the geyser erupts. The children run for cover and soon find them selves in hot water of another kind. The grown ups are furious that the children went up there when they had been told to stay put. Strong-arm realises that Kum Kum is the ring leader and so as a punishment he will be put into the Wood Cave. Kum Kum tries to tell them about the shadow moving and the fact that the animals are bathing. The grown ups lead by Strong-arm plug the geyser with a huge rock which holds for a few minutes but the power of the geyser destroys the rock. The children still try to explain what they have discovered. The grown ups still refuse to listen. The Wise One, however, is interested and listens to the children. Soon he realises that Kum Kum has thought of a way of measuring when the geyser will erupt - a sort of sundial. the whole village is able to make use of the hot water safe in the knowledge that the sundial will let them know when danger is approaching. The children and the villagers can then enjoy the hot water in complete safety.

The children are racing through the forest when they come across a small fire. They hastily try to extinguish the fire before it becomes dangerous. As Kum Kum is busy putting out the fire, a small white rabbit appears. The rabbit is frightened by the fire but also by the sight of a fox that appears from the bushes. Kum Kum chases the fox away and then sets the white rabbit (named Little Bun) down in an area of fresh grass. The children then start back to the village but are being followed. They find the Little Bun is following closely and so they stop to play with him. Jumbo informs them that they cannot take the rabbit back to the village since the villagers have not seen fresh meat for a long time and Little Bun would soon be on the menu in the form of a stew. Kum Kum decides to hide Little Bun in a small cave with a wooden gate to prevent him from wandering. Kum Kum tells his father about the rabbit and so Strong Arm goes to see for himself. He comes across The Wise One who has found Little Bun dead inside the cave. A fox has broken in and killed Little Bun but was frightened off by the appearance of the Wise One. Strong Arm asks The Wise One to leave Little Bun since he was Kum Kum's pet. He puts Little Bun back in the cave for Kum Kum to find. Kum Kum and the children are devastated to find Little Bun dead. They take him up a large hill to a small tree and place his body under it. There they cover his body in leaves. Kum Kum is left alone, when there is a sudden gust of wind and the leaves are blown high up in the air. Kum Kum sees the spirit of Little Bun rising towards the moon.

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