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The PerishersThe Perishers

The Perishers.

The Perishers cartoon strip dates from the late 1970s (possibly 1978). The cartoon series was developed from the original newspaper cartoon strip by Maurice Dodd (animation scriptor) and Dennis Collins (animator) which ran in the Daily Mirror. We have included an example of their art below, a strip that links nicely into Episode 7 Bone Champions. The Perishers followed the antics of four friends and a dog, Boot narrated by Leonard Rossiter. The cartoon was normally seen at 17:30 or 17:35 just before the start of the main evening news on BBC1. It was always shown on a weekday Monday to Friday and was essential viewing after getting home from school, sat with your tea on your knee glued to the television, dreading the start of adult programs.

We've got a plethora of information on this series: a cartoon strip, the theme tune, a list of characters, rogues gallery, episode guide, a short synopsis and credits all which are presented below. The images are not as good as they might once have been but this is due to the fact that the source of the cartoon is now quite old and has faded somewhat unlike our memories. The cartoon, animation, script and humour remain as fresh and funny as they were all those years ago, justifying the need for this animated cartoon to be placed among "The Little Gems."

© Daily Mirror Newspapers LTD / Film Fair LTD 1978

The cartoon strip

Perishers soundtrack

Click above to hear The Perisher's introductory theme tune (Zipped wav).

Rogues Gallery List of Characters
Boot Boot is Wellington's dog (although Boot might have something to say about who owns who). Boot believes himself to be an intellect, an aristocrat, superior to all around him. He is forever looking in on the crab world in the rock pool, in which the crabs believe him to be some sort of God. Boot would love this if only he knew.
Wellington Wellington, owner of Boot, always on the look out to make some money. His regular source of income was by designing and building "buggies" (go carts to the rest of us). Marlon normally provided him with the money but the buggies never really lasted very long.
Marlon Marlon, the dimmer member of the group. He sometimes thinks he is incredibly clever when in fact most of his ideas orginated some two thousand years ago. He is forever under Wellington's spell when it comes to new ideas about Buggies.
Maisie Maisie, who is the older sister of Baby Grumpling. She is keen on both Marlon and world domination. Although she really knows that Marlon is thick as two short planks, she is forever defending him.
Baby Grumpling Baby Grumpling, the younger sibling of Maisie doesn't play much part in this animated series. Baby Grumpling had a much bigger role in the newspaper column in the Daily Mirror.
BH BH is a friend of Boot and accompanies him on several of his adventures. Although being a blood hound he has no sense of smell after over dosing on curried dung.

Episode Guide

Click on the appropriate title for a short synopsis and loads more pictures...

Episode No. Title Summary
 1 The Skateboard Champion Wellington's birthday present proves difficult to master.
 2 The Wheeling and Dealing Marlon's buggy is broken, what will he do now?
 3 She May or She May Not Maisie strives to be the May Queen.
 4 Noblesse Oblige Boot's heritage proves to be Wellington's problem.
 5 The War Games Maisie tries world domination.
 6 Well Blow Me Down How effective is Wellington's silent dog whistle.
 7 Bone Champions Boot has a tasty bone, but keeping it proves difficult.
 8 The Rehabilitation of BH (Calcutta) Failed Why did BH fail his exam and how useful is Boot's retraining?
 9 The Eye Balls in the Sky Boot has a close encounter with some excitable crabs.
 10 The Inch-thick Ketchup Sandwich Marlon's inventions prove messy for Wellington and Maisie.

Program Credits

Opening credits Opening credits Opening credits

Opening credits Closing credits Closing credits

Music Trevor Evan Jones
Voices Judy Bennet, Sheila Steafel, Peter Hawkins & Leonard Rossiter as Boot
Animation Geoff Loynes, Ron Murdoch, Janet Nunn & Colin White
Layout Gordon Harrison & Ted Pettengel
Backgrounds Dean Spille
Production Lucinda Ash & Tony Cooper
Checking Roland Carter & Caroline Neale
Co-ordinator Michael Hayes
Camera Gary Knowelden & Nick Boisson
Editing John Farrow
Produced by Graeme Spurway
Directed by Dick Horn
Presentation Film Fair
Executive Producer Graham Clutterbuck
A Bill Melendez Production