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Little Gems - Pigeon Street

Pigeon Street

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The people of Pigeon Street

Pigeon Street was first shown on BBC1 / BBC2 in the early 80s (possibly as early as 1981). It was a series of animated adventures each lasting about 10 minutes. The adventures concerned the people and animals of Pigeon Street.


Bob also keeps Pigeons
Bob the Bike Shop Owner
(lives with his brother Reg)
Reg is Bob's brother
Reg works in the Park
(married to Doreen)

Doreen Ballroom Dancer
William the window cleaner
William the Window Cleaner
Betty (William's wife).
Long distance Clara
Long distance Clara (lorry driver)
(Wife of Hugo)

Hugo the Cook
Mr Jupiter (forever looking up to the sky)
Mr Jupiter
Mr Baskerville (forever with his nose to the ground)
Mr Baskerville
Watson the bloodhound
Watson (Mr Baskerville's dog)
Daisy (likes Pigeons)
Rose (likes birds but hates Pigeons)
Doctor Glossop
Dr Glossop
Mrs Glossop (Dr Glossop's wife)
Mrs Glossop
Molly and Polly
Molly and Polly
(Glossop's twins)
Gerald Glossop
Gerald Glossop
Mr Macadoo (Pet Shop owner)
Mr Macadoo
Mrs Patel
Mrs Patel
Jim (William the window cleaners mate)
Jim (William's mate on the
window cleaning round)

Episode One

It is Saturday. The Pigeon is looking for Bob but he is nowhere to be seen. He is not even down at his Bike shop. Eventually the Pigeon spies him feeding his Pigeons in the abck yard. Reg is not working in the Park today. Both he and his wife Doreen are wearing their dancing outfits. They want to win another cup and so are practising their ballroom moves. At first it looks as though they need a lot of practise.

The Pigeon cannot find Bob anywhere Bob feeding his Pigeons Ballroom dancing Reg and Doreen

Dr Glossop busy decorating Mrs Glossop making Jam Mr Macadoo's pet shop

Daisy is feeding the pigeons on her window box but they are soon frightend off by Rose who does not like pigeons. Dr Glossdop has a day off and is busy doing some decorating. Mrs Glossop is making some jam. Polly and Molly are helping their mum with the jam jars when they spy Gerald's tropical fish who does not look well at all. Gerald has gone to Mr Macadoo's pet shop to get some medicine. Mr Baskerville is also keen to go and see Mr Macadoo and his dog Watson is a bit under the weather. He lices in skyrise court a block of flats at the 13th floor. the lift is broken - what will he do.

Mr Baskerville and WatsonRight at the top on the 13th floor Funny - the lift only goes up to eighth floor

William and his mate Jim to the rescueWilliam's window cradle helps Watson down

William and his mate Jim come to the rescue. They take mr baskerville and watson down in the window crane. On the way they pick up other bits and bobs for other people trapped by the broken lift. Mrs Baker wants a letter posted. William decides that there is too much work to be done by only a few people so gets one of the pigoens to deliver a message to Bob. Bob gets Clara and her van and the rest of the people in pigeon street to help. They deliver groceries, letters, a new clock, the milk and even help a mother and baby down 11 floors.

Mrs Baker wants a letter posted William and Jim are very busy Clara rallies the locas of Pigeon Street to help William and Jim

Lond Distance Clara song One looking up / one looking down song The pet shop song Two of a kind song
Long Distance Clara
(zipped mp3)
Mr Jupiter / Mr Baskerville
(zipped mp3)
Mr MaCadoo
(zipped mp3)
Molly and Polly
(zipped mp3)


Voices by George Layton and John Telfer
Music composed by Benni Lees
Music played by Soulyard
Sound by Andre Jaquemin and Peter Hodges
Edited by Grahame Scoular
Animation by Peter Lang
Design by Alan Rogers
Production by David Yates and Alan Rogers

More to come soon