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Introduction to Portland Bill

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Click here to read an interview with Mik Parsons who co-wrote the music for Portland Bill.

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Portland Bill was another wonderful children's adventure very much in the style of Postman Pat, Gran, The Herbs, and The Clangers. It concerned the day to day life of Portland Bill (Head lighthouse man of the Lighthouse Guillemot Rock). He is helped by the other lighthouse men Ross and Cromarty. The nearest village to the lighthouse was on the mainland and it was called McGuillycuddy. Here the boys are able to pick up supplies and interact with a whole load of characters. The adventures were by John Grace and were produced in 1983. I think they were shown midst 12:00-12:30 p.m. slot for kiddies before the afternoon news. Some people remember Portland Bill being shown alongside Cockleshell Bay at Friday lunchtimes on Granada Television. If anyone has any more information or corrections etc.. then please email me at the address at the bottom of the page. I would love to have more information on John Grace or Norman Rossington or indeed any of the other people involved in the making of this superb little adventure series.

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"Oh come with me,

to the golden sea while the weathers calm and still,

and we'll have some fun and laughter,

with the adventures of Portland Bill"

Guillemot Rock lighthouse

This is my lighthouse - on Guillemot Rock

The real Portland Bill Lighthouse

Character Guide

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Ross Bill, Ross, Cromarty and Finisterre

Cromarty with his wind powered cleaner Cromarty's vacuum attempt ends in disaster

{short description of image} {short description of image} Dogger howling at the music

Finisterre with guitar Bill playing the bagpipes Finisterre and Cromarty

The Kipper The Kipper along side the ligthhouse What a mess !!

Edward Stone's shop If the cap fits....Eddy Stone Inside the shop

Outside Stone's shop A sunny day on the mainland

Cromarty outside with Mrs Lundy Mrs Lundy

Grandma Tyree Group shot

Gail Fastnet


Designed by John Grace and Barry Leith
Assistant Animators Humphrey Leadbitter and Heather Boucher
Model Makers Martin Cheek, Gordon Tait and Linda Thodesen
Music by John Grace and Mik Parsons
Editor Robert Dunbar
Assistant Editor Andi Sloss
Production Co-ordinator Barrie Edwards
Stories Adapted for TV by Ian Sachs
Executive Producer Graham Clutterbuch
Filmfair Presentation John Grace / Filmfair MCMLXXXIII

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