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The Flashing Blade

Michael Bentine's Potty Time

Episode Three - The Potty Safari Park

Today we are at the letter S. Lord shower owns Showers Stately home and has recently opened a Safari Park. Michael goes along to see a typical day at the Park. Mable and Norman reappear (having survived the foam episode). The two of them are again looking for rare birds, in particular a Great Crested Marsh Warbler. Shower Hall looks remarkable like Lord and Lady Potweasels home. Fred drives the rescue patrol car. Ethel works at the ticket office.

Ticket Office Michael with Lord Shower Norman buying a ticket
Norman and Mable driving in Shower Hall Home of Lord Shower Sand being thrown up as visiting Potty's run to the hall for tea
Animals at the Park Rescue Patrol car Giant Potty eating Orchid with Mable and Norman

Mable and Norman almost come to sticky end whilst in pursuit of the Great Crested Marsh Warbler. A giant Potty eating Orchid plant attempts to eat Norman. After it spits him out the Orchid then turns on the rare bird. A busy day soon comes to an end as the visitors depart.

Episode Four - The Potty in the Iron Mask

The Potty in the Iron Mask - to this very day they do not know who he is what he did. Until now that is. The Professor describes the story to Michael. It took place in Paris in the 17th century, the three Musketeers and D'Artagnan have now retired. The new Queen of France summons all of them back to active service. D'Artagnan arrives first since, if the Queen ever got into trouble she would send for him instantly. The Queen informs D'Artagnan that the Cardinal Richelieu is plotting against her and has kidnapped an important member of the Palace who knows a lot of secrets. He is the Potty in the iron mask and is a prisoner in the Cardinal's wine cellars. The Cardinal wants to know the secrets and will stop at nothing to get them.

The Queen at her Palace D'Artagnan and the three Musketeers The Cardinal Richelieu and his chief henchman
The prisoner D'Artagnan arrives The man in the iron mask safely back at the Palace

D'Artagnan and the three Musketeers enter the grounds of the Cardinal Richelieu. There they split up and D'Artagnan enters the cellar to rescue the prisoner. Cowsack Junior attempts to stop him but eventually surrenders after losing a fencing match with the great D'Artagnan. Back at the Palace, the man in the iron mask turns out to be the Queen's chef with a cooking pot on his head. The secrets he keeps are those of French cooking recipes.

Episode Five - The Great Potty Escape

We are at the letter "E" - E for escape. During 1942 in the second world war, Colonel Pottington Featherbed of the 16th Potty Lancers was a prisoner of war. He was the senior British officer in the camp called "Straflager POW camp" much further South than Colditz, hence it was called Warmditz. It was a desperate time. The POWs were desperate to escape and the Germans were desperate to stop them escaping. Colonel Otto Von Potsjammer was the camp Commandant. He will have no nonsense in his camp and any escapers will be caught.

The Colonel with Michael Warmditz The Commandant and second in command
The Colonel hearing an escape report There will be no more escapes informs the Commandant A map of Colditz on the wall
An escape attempt Another escape attempt Yet another escape attempt ending in the Commandants office
Another failed attempt The German Colonel and Michael Warmditz falling apart

As time went by, escape attempts got wilder and wilder. A tunnel opened up behind the Fuhrer's picture in the Commandants office. Another ended up in the Commandant's office roof. Even one of the castle turrets was used as a rocket escape attempt. Eventually the tunnelling process and other escape attempts brought the Castle crashing down.

Well folks that is all the material I have on this true gem of a children's television program. As before any corrections, additions etc, let me know and I will edit accordingly.

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