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The Riddlers

The Riddlers Episodes (this is by no means a complete guide)

Mossop and Grimley - Builders

Marjorie returns to her cottage situated at Riddleton End after having been shopping. She opens the door to her cottage and sees that the postmen has delivered a letter. She opens it and excitedly reads it. Suddenly the letter gets blown out of her hand and ends up falling down the well in the garden. "There's something you don't see everyday" says Mossop who is at the bottom of the well. "A letter without a hedgehog attached" he continues. Mossop and Tiddler are down in the well which is their home. Mossop fishes the letter out and begins to read it. "Dear madam, I am pleased to inform you that your spring water has passed all the tests laid down by law." Mossop is annoyed that the letter hasn't even got his name right. Marjorie calls down to them. Mossop and Tiddler both magically appear at the top of the well with her letter. The letter is the answer to Marjorie's prayers. If she can sell the water then she will not have to sell her cottage at Riddleton End. Whilst the three of them are sat reading the letter, Mr. Grimley arrives. Marjorie offers everyone lunch but then heads off to make an important telephone call.

Mossop and Tiddler in the well Marjorie opens the letter The Riddlers magically appear

Tiddler goes off into the kitchen to wash the salad whilst Mr. Grimley and Mossop decide that the well needs a wooden shelter to prevent things from falling into the well and spoiling Marjorie's water. Things do not really go according to plan as their building is a complete mess. It is made even worse when they learn that the source of spring water is not from the actual well.

Marjorie reads the letter to Mr Grimley They will not have to sell the Cottage Mossop and Mr Grimley at work

mmmmmmmmmmm! Marjorie is not too impressed

Tiddlers learning is tested with a story from which Tiddler must identify the moral of the tale. This weeks fable concerns the fact that it is easy to talk about something but a different story when it come to actually doing it. Mossop and Mr. Grimley are slightly upset that their handywork is not appreciated by both Marjorie and Tiddler but soon realise the two are right when the whole structure collapses into the well.

episode 2

Middler's Invisible Horse

Marjorie's spring water bottles have arrived and she needs help to move them all into the greenhouse in her garden. Mossop offers to help but wisely Marjorie says the bottles are too heavy for him (she knows from experience what would probably happen). Mossop even bungles the attempts to move the little cart and is saved when he is caught by Marjorie after having been been catapulted into the air. Tiddler goes off to find a Riddlestone to prop open the greenhouse door with.

what a lot of bottles Mossop offers to help Disaster for Mossop

how's that!! Mossop is a bit miffed

Time to go Inside the cottage

Tiddler runs into Middler who appears with his black coated invisible horse called Midnight. Tiddler is not at first convinced but finally accepts that the horse is real. Middler leaves the horse with Tiddler who shows him to Mossop. Mossop absolutely refuses to accept the horse's presence. Mossop suggest that Tiddler tackles an Aseops Fable riddle. Marjorie asks if they can all go inside as she is a bit run off her feet. Inside the cottage, Tiddler is holding the Riddle Stone. She begins to say the words "Aesop Aesop tell us a story do" and the Riddle Stone glows red and opens up and the day's story is revealed.

Tiddler with the Riddlestone Tiddler must guess the meaning of the story Marjorie explains to Mossop anout imaginary playthings

Mossop goes after Tiddler Tiddler is with Middler and Midnight Midnight heads off with the cart

We learn that Tiddler needs twelve correct solutions to the Riddles in order to become a Riddler. At the moment she is half way to becoming a full Riddler. Today's story's meaning is that "People who play tricks can sometimes end up tricking themselves" - she (Tiddler) should remember that when tricking people with invisible horses Mossop informs her. Tiddler vanishes outside promptly followed by Mossop. He finds her with Middler who is trying to get Midnight to pull the cart. Mossop does not believe in the horse and makes fun of both Middler and Tiddler. He is totally dumb struck when Midnight pulls the cart away.

Episode 3

A Brush with Mossop

The garden is in a mess because all the stuff in the green house has been moved out to make way for all the bottles Marjorie needs for her spring water. She also has to help Mr. Grimley with his apples today and so cannot deal with all the mess. To make matters worse her flowers will not stand up straight. Mr. Grimley arrives and has two items for the Riddlers. Mr. Grimley gives Mossop his sweep brushes. He has a new job now selling cars and will not require his old brushes any more. Mr. Grimley also has a Riddlestone found at the bottom of his garden. Mossop thinks about setting up himself as a chimney sweep. Marjorie and the others try to persuade him not to but Mossop is determined to find a use for the brushes. Mr. Grimley opens up the Riddlestone and the fable is read. Today's story contains the "don't count your chickens until they've hatched."

The flowers will not stay up straight The Riddlers are puzzled Mr Grimley arrives

He has a new job Time to open the Riddlestone

We soon learn that Mr. Grimley has in fact given up his chimney sweeping job before he has actually got the car salesman job. He has no experience in selling cars either. He tries to persuade the others though, that he will have no problem and so he asks them to imagine there is a car in the garden and he will try and sell them it to them. After an unsuccessful sale, Mr. Grimley heads off home to see if a letter has arrived for him. On Mossop's suggestion, Marjorie uses the sweep brushes to help hold the flowers up. Mossop then takes the remaining brushes and builds an apple "getter downer." He hits the tree to get the apples but the brush gets stuck. Mossop pulls so hard that he falls in the junk pile.

Tiddler gets it right Mr Grimley tests out his saleman routine Not too good I'm afraid

An apple getter downer Junk wonderful junk

Mr. Grimley returns and is a little sad as he did not get the job. He hears that Marjorie is getting rid of all the junk and so offers to take it off her hands in order to recycle it. He decides to take up a new job as a rag and bone man.

Episode 4

The Riddlestone Necklace

To come soon

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