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Little Gems - King Rollo Episode Guide

King Rollo and The Playroom

The Playroom

Cook helping King Rollo King Rollo playing bat and ball A painting of Hamlet by King Rollo

Cook is busy as usual helping King Rollo. She is tidying up his playroom. King Rollo wastes no time at all in making the room a complete mess again. He takes out his bow and arrow and then starts to play with his paint set. Then he plays with his train set giving Hamlet the cat a nice trip. King Rollo has lots and lots of toys and games all scattered over the floor. Pretty soon though King Rollo is tired and he goes to bed. The next day he goes into the playroom and steps on lost of his toys. The Magician arrives to make sure that King Rollo tidies up all his things. He thus learns a valuable lesson that you must always tidy and put away your play things if you are not going to play with them anymore.

King Rollo and The New Shoes

The New Shoes

King Rollo is off to buy some new shoes. He goes into the shoe shop whilst Hamlet the cat waits outside. He soon appears back at the Castle with a wonderful pair of new shoes. One thing King Rollo forgot was that they were lace ups. He thus asks the Magician to do up the laces for him. The Magician shows him how to tie laces but then says that he must practise. King Rollo goes into his bedroom and all manner of crashes, bumps and shouts are heard from the room. Later on that day, all is quiet near the King's bedroom. Queen Gwen arrives for tea and the Cook shows her to King Rollo's bedroom. He emerges from the bedroom, very pleased with himself. He has practised hard and long and can now tie up his own laces. He proudly shows off the new shoes to Queen Gwen.

King Rollos skips off to the shoe shop King Rollo asks the Magician to tie his laces What a racket coming from the bedroom

King Rollo and The Tree

The Tree

King Rollo is out in the garden looking at all the flowers. Hamlet gets a fright when he picks up a flower that turns into a butterfly. King Rollo looks up at the huge tree in the middle of the garden. He decides that he will climb to the top. The Magician, the Cook and Queen Gwen all warn him not to climb the tree as he will get his hands dirty, tear his coat, fall and hurt himself. King Rollo replies that he is going to climb to the top of the tree. Loyal to the end, Hamlet the cat goes with him and helps along the climb. After a small fall, King Rollo is actually rescued when he lands on top of poor Hamlet. Eventually King Rollo and Hamlet get to the the top but as we all expected, he lets go of a branch and falls with a bump to the ground. He did get his hands dirty, tear his coat, fall and bump his head but he did what he said he would do, he climbed to the top of the tree.

King Rollo is wandering around his lovely garden What a huge tree, I think I'll climb to the top Dirty hands, torn coat and bump on the head to show for it.

King Rollo and The Bread

The Bread

Hamlet is in the Castle kitchen helping himself to Cook's ingredients which she has been mixing in a bowl. Through the window, King Rollo waves good-bye as he and the Magician are off for a walk in the countryside. They soon come across a farmer who is settling down to lunch. The farmer takes out a big crusty loaf of bread and is about to tuck when King Rollo interrupts him. King Rollo wants to show the farmer what his Magician can do (although the Magician at the this point has begun to quietly creep away as he does not want any part of what is coming next). King Rollo gets the Magician to turn the bread into roast chicken and then chocolate cake and other tasty goodies. The farmer is not impressed as all he wants is his bread. Eventually Rollo concedes and get the bread returned. The farmer loves the bread his wife makes him for lunch. Looking at all that food has made the Magician and King Rollo very hungry. The polite farmer offers them some of his bread as there is plenty to go around. The King and Magician agree that the bread is delicious. You have a very clever Magician says the farmer and you have a very clever wife agree King Rollo and the Magician.

Bye bye Cook says King Rollo as he departs. Hamlet is not really asleep It is a beautiful day for a walk They meet a framer

King Rollo and The Birthday

The Birthday

The Cook reminds King Rollo that it is Queen Gwen's birthday party tomorrow. King Rollo decides to send her a very special birthday card. He goes to the shop to buy one and chooses the biggest they have with a big flower on the front. He then goes home to write on the card. Cook sees the card and is not very happy with it. She does not think it is a special card at all and suggests that he make one for Queen Gwen. Eventually King Rollo paints Queen Gwen on a horse and posts it. The next day King Rollo is the first to arrive at Queen Gwen's for her party. She opens the door in a bright dress and thanks him for her card. King Rollo then hands her his present. When King Rollo sees all the other cards he is very happy that he decided to take Cook's advice after all. All the other guests have sent Queen Gwen the same card (large flower on the front - obviously bought from the same shop), all except King Rollo. Queen Gwen kisses King Rollo as she is very pleased with him.

King Rollo is reminded about Queen Gwen's birthday So many cards, which one should Ichoose King Rollo pays for the special card

King Rollo visits the Post Office  to post the card King Rollo is the first to arrive at the party King Rollo's card stands out against all the others

King Rollo and The Balloons

The Balloon

King Rollo goes rooting through his belongings to find a packet of balloons. He asks the Cook and the Magician to blow them up for him, but they are far too busy with other things. The Cook is making a cup of tea and the Magician is intent on drinking a cup of tea. King Rollo and Hamlet eventually manage to inflate them and have fun with the balloons. One of the balloons slips out of King Rollo's fingers and scares Hamlet the cat. Another balloon shoots out the Castle window and flies around Queen Gwen's head. King Rollo then pops a balloon, making the Magician and the Cook who are in the kitchen, jump in fright. They both leave the kitchen to investigate what caused the loud noise. King Rollo demonstrates that he too, can perform magic by making a big blue balloon vanish before their eyes.

The Magician is far too busy for balloon blowing King Rollo and Hamlet eventually succeed Hamlet is not too sure of these large balloons

One flies around Queen Gwen outside in the garden Hamlet does not like the pop

The Magician and the Cook are very busy indeed -taking afternoon tea in the kitchen King Rollo shows them a trick With all the distraction, Hamlet helps himself to the Cook's cakes

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