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The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro

The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro

The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro

The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro

The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro The Adventures of Rupert Bear - intro

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Rupert and the
flying Chariot
Rupert and Raggety

The Adventures of Rupert Bear

Rupert and Raggety

Today Rupert shelters a spiky and bad tempered orphan of the storm

Rupert's mum wants him to go shopping in the village. She hands him a list and reminds him not to forget anything. Rupert takes his Go-kart with him (really his flying chariot but he very rarely uses it in flying mode).

Rupert is going shopping

On the way to Nutwood village, Rupert bumps into Podgy Pig, busy eating sandwiches as usual. Rupert thinks it is a strange place to stop for a picnic until Podgy explains that he was on his way to Rupert's house but got a bit peckish on the way.

Podgy is busy munching

Rupert tells Podgy that he has some shopping to do in Nutwood but will be back later for a game on the Common. Podgy decides to tidy up and wait for Rupert to return. Rupert continues on his way and does all the shopping his mother asked for. Whilst outside he meets Constable Growler the village policeman. He asks how Rupert is keeping just as a sudden gust of wind blows through the pair of them. Rupert notes the coldness in the wind and Constable Growler agrees. The policeman thinks there is a storm brewing and that Rupert had better hurry home.

Rupert meets PC Growler

Rupert says good-bye and heads off to find Podgy. On the way back he passes the Gypsy camp. The Gypsy Granny is very old and a special friend of Rupert bear. She comes out of one of the caravans when Rupert passes through. She tells him that she is gathering wood for her fire as Winter is not far away. Rupert would like to stay and help but knows he has to hurry home. She warns Rupert to hurry home fast as a storm is going to appear in Nutwood, a large strong storm not seen in the village before. She also tells Rupert to make use of his flying chariot. Rupert says good-bye and then starts to wonder how she knew the chariot was magic.

Ruperts meets the Gypsy Granny

Rupert flies home as fast as he can in his magic flying chariot but he cannot hold up against the ever increasing wind. Eventually the Chariot comes down with a crash, the gales sweep over Rupert who is now flat on the ground. Suddenly a large tree uproots and topples close where Rupert is lying. Rupert is unhurt but stares at the new hole in the Common green. At the bottom of the hole is a small root like structure which moves and then shouts "You did it."

The great storm has revelaed Raggety

The small spiky creature seems furious with Rupert and blames him for knocking down his house. "I hate you" it cries. "Hate you, hate you, hate you" it continues. The creature runs off down the hill swiftly followed by Rupert who is busy thinking about what the creature is and where his mother's shopping is. At the bottom of the hill Rupert finds the creature going through the shopping basket and all its contents.

Raggety is not too keen on the food

Rupert shouts at the creature to stop at which point the creature cowers but continues to scowl at him. The creature then starts to sob shouting that it has nowhere to live. Rupert offers to take the creature home and is more than a little surprised when it accepts his off of invitation. The pair board the flying chariot and set off in search of Podgy. They eventually find him buried in leaves. Podgy has lost his front door key and is busy searching for it.

Podgy is not keen on Raggety

Rupert offers to come back and help once he has taken the shopping home and Podgy reminds him that no one can get in his house without the key. The little root creature laughs at this and as Podgy asks what it is, Rupert decides to introduce him as Raggety because he looks a little Raggety.

Rupert arrives home with Raggety

Back at the cottage Rupert introduces Raggety to his mum. Raggety is not in the mood for politeness and so darts into the house and goes off in search of food and accommodation. Raggety tears some house plants up out of their pots and begins munching on the roots. Rupert tries to stop him but the little creature is far too quick. Raggety eventually finds himself in a room with Mr. Bear who is reading his newspaper whilst smoking his pipe. At first he does not see Raggety. Raggety is hypnotised by the smoke rising up from behind the newspaper. He makes a grab for the pipe and then hurtles off the sofa and shoots off outside.

Raggety is not very well house trained

Raggety starts behaving badly

Mr. Bear is not immune to Raggety's interest

Willy knows what to do

Outside the cottage Willy the wisp appears and asks what is going on. Rupert tries to explain and then asks Willy for help. Willy uses his magic to get back the pipe and restrain the little Raggety. Willy seems to know about the creature and suggests that they find it somewhere to live pretty quick. Willy has an idea and with the flying chariot they fly over to where Podgy is searching for his missing key. Nearby is a large old tree. Willy asks Rupert to watch and wait.

The pair are taken by Willy to an old tree

Mr. Grimnasty is grumpier than Raggety

Willy leaps into the top of the tree and then shoots out again followed by an angry roar. Mr. Grimnasty was asleep in the tree. He is the old man of the wood. and he is very annoyed that he should be woken up. He appears at the top of the tree whereby Willy says that they have a present for him, a new pet. Grimnasty looks at Raggety and Raggety looks at Grimnasty. They instantly take to each other. It can live in the roots he says and Raggety shoots out of his arms and starts digging into the base of the tree. Everyone is showered with leaves and soil and something else. A shinny metal object also flies out. The key has been found. Podgy is very happy and relieved. "Now buzz off, the lot of you" growls Mr Grimnasty. Willy also makes his good-byes. Later Rupert and Podgy sit down to tea with Mrs. Bear to tell them of their adventure that day.

Time for tea and buns

An so would end a peach of a puppet series. Although Rupert went onto greater things and was transformed several times into still pictures with narration, followed by animation, nothing could really capture the wonder the original series gave to a generation of kids. And so just like Barnaby, Rupert is another little bear who will not be seen on our screens again.


The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits

The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits

The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits The Adventures of Rupert Bear - credits

Rupert Based on the character created by The Daily Express
Story adapted by Anna Standon
Script Editor Ruth Boswell
Narrator Judy Bennett
Music and Lyrics by Ron Roker & Len Beadle
Rupert theme sung by Jackie Lee
Puppetry Christine Clanville, Sheena Lane, Rowena White & David Ross
Art Director John Jelly
Assisted by Terry Blackall
Editor David Elliott
Photography John Read
Director Mary Turner
An I.T.C. Production for World Wide Distribution MCMLXXI
Rupert and the
flying Chariot
Rupert and Raggety