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Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings

Narrated by Bernard Cribbins

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Season II
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Episode guide to twelve Enchanting Adventures

Season II Episode 1-6

1. Simon and the Early Morning

Simon gets up early in the morning and is walking along the street. Here he meets the school teacher from the land of chalk drawings (LOCW). The school teacher tells Simon that there is a problem in LOCW. This concerns his pupils all of whom are all asleep and will not get up in the morning. So Simon agrees to come and help. Simon climbs up the ladder and over the fence and into LOCW. There he finds all the chalk people, chalk animals and even the chalk Sun fast asleep. He instantly has an idea on how to wake everyone up and goes home to his special blackboard (where whatever he draws comes to life). The next morning a chalk drawing cockrel wakes everyone up on time for school. However this is short lived as the very next day the cockrel has lost its voice so everyone is asleep again. Simon finally solves the problem by drawing a huge alarm clock to ring at exactly 07:30 which it does and so everyone is able to get up on time.

{short description of image} Simon meeting the School master That fence again

Simon is magically whisked away Chalk Drawing Land Sleepy school children

Simon is concerned Simon at home trying to sort the problem Chalk Drawing Land is awake

2. Simon and the Chalk Drawing Cars

Simon is back in Chalk Drawing Land and is talking to the Chalk Land children about cars but they have never seen what a car look like so he goes home and with his magic blackboard he draws some cars. This is a big mistake because when the next morning he returns to Chalk Land he finds things in a terrible mess. All the children are driving cars around the land very badly. The school teacher tries to reason with the children but they do not want to go back to using the slow train and are more happy with thier cars. Simon eventually solves the problem by filling Chalk Land with so many cars, no one can move and its it is one huge traffic jam. Now the children realise that they are perfectly happy to live without the cars and travel by train instead.

Chalk Land Children Simon drawing cars for the children Loads and loads of cars

3. Simon and the Dinosaur

Simon visits a natural history museum and is fascinated by all the dinosaurs. Afterwards he goes home and draws a giant dinosaur on his blackboard. The next morning, one of the Chalk Land birds rushes to Simon to tell him of a big problem. He climbs over the fence and is met by a deserted Chalk Land, the railway line is all twisted, trees have been felled and no one can be seen around. He soon finds some very large scary footprints though, made by something big....very big. He then finds out to whom the footprints belong to and is chased by the large, dangerous dinosaur which catches Simon and swallows him whole. Inside the dinosaur's stomach Simon finds out where all the other chalk land poeple have gone. Simon gets them all to blow very hard so the dinosaur which catch a chill and then sneeze them out. As usual Simon's idea works and everything turns out okay for the people of Chalk Land. Even the dinosaur ends up living happily ever after.

Simon in the museum Simon drawing a dinosaur Chalk Land Bird telling Simon of the news

Large foot prints but who do they belong to? Simon finds everyone A very naughty dinosaur

4. Simon and the Knight

Simon is at home reading about Knights in the days of old. He then decides to draw one on his blackboard. The next day he meets Henry (his best friend from Chalk Land) who tells him that there are funny goings on in the LOCD. There he finds that a Knight has appeared and telling all the Chalk Land folk that he is there to rescue them from the dragon. The Knight thinks that the Chalk Land train is a dragon and sets out to defeat it and rescue any damsel in distress he encounters.

Simon reading about Knights Simon drawing a Knight A finished Knight

The Knight The Knight coming off worst

5. Simon and the Rainbow

Simon is asked to go to Chalk Land to settle an argument between the Sun and the Cloud as to who should be in the sky. The Cloud wants to rain but the Sun will not go away as Chalk Land will get dark. All the local people are terrified at the thunder and lightning and of the terrible noise that the argument is creating. With each shout the buildings shake. "Why don't you shine together?" Simon asks. But they do not listen. Eventually the problem is resolved when Simon decides to go up in a rocket in order to paint a rainbow.

All's well that ends well Alas not for poor Simon

6. Simon and the Pied Piper

Simon's homework is about the exploits of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. He reads about him and decides to draw him on the blackboard. The very next day Henry is waiting on the fence for Simon. He has come to get him as the Pied Piper has appeared in Chalk Land and all the adults, children and animals are following his pipe. Even the band playing very loudly does not prevent the piper from leading the people away. Simon thus asks the Sun to blow the Cloud over the crowd of people and to rain on them. Whilst it is raining Simon is able to get hold of the pipe and exchange it for bagpipes. He thus breaks the spell and it all ends happily for the people of Chalk Land and piper.

Simon drawing the piper The children being led away The Band is not very happy

The piper does not like the rain Simon finally gets the pipe The piper is not sure about bagpipes

Simon Main Page Season II
Eps 1-6
Season II
Eps 7-12