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This wonderful little animated series concerned the adventures of a Viking boy called Vicky and his fellow Vikings. All the characters lived in a village called Flake which lies somewhere on the coastal regions of Norway or Sweden. It is based on the stories of Runer Johnson and is centralised on Vicky who is not a brave, fierce, strong Viking like his father but is a small boy who always relies on thinking through a problem before applying the correct solution. This would often infuriate his father Chieftain Halva of village Flake. In fact it is remarkable the rest of the Vikings had lasted so long without Vicky's help. Many of the Vikings adventures end in triumph due only to the quick thinking of Vicky. Without his help the entire male population of Flake would have spent the rest of their days either as slave or chained up in some deep castle dungeon.

Main Characters

Thanks to Annie for sending / correcting me with the names of the Viking characters.

Vicky the littlest Viking Vicky Halva Halvar Helva Ylva
Ticky, Vicky's best friend
Ylvi (Ticky)
Musical Rhyming Viking Bloke
Nurb (?)
Shnore (??) and Drury Snorre and Tjure Squeaky excitable bloke Vax Vax


Even the cat wore a Viking hat whilst terrorising local mice

Vicky and the Vikings meet many enemies and dangers during their adventures, some of which are shown below.

Vicky and Ticky at play The Vikings and their ship Vicky and his father Halva


Based on the stories of Runer Johnson
Music Karel Svoboda
Original Dialogue Eberhard Storeck
English Adaptation Jean Daykin & John Boyle
A Co-production of Zuiyo Enterprises Company, Tokyo
Taurus Film, GmbH & Co., Munich

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