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Episode SixDeputy Dawg is annoyed at the tourists that are frequenting the area but Sheriff wants them to spend money here. DD wants to put a speed trap at 2 m.p.h. to catch tourists and fine them. The Sheriff is not happy about this and proposes the construction of a regular tourist attraction - a chair lift to take them to top of Outlook Mountain. DD, however, is afraid of heights. You can see five states from the top states the Sheriff. DD gets dizzy just standing up. DD reluctantly goes along and heads off to the the tool shed and begins walking to the mountain. On the way he passes Muskie and Vince who are busy sleeping whilst fishing. To their surprise DD ignores them. This makes them suspicious and are keen to find out what exactly DD is doing. It's a secret DD says. They, however, are intrigued and so want to help. As usual things do not go according to plan and DD ends up being the tourist attraction himself as the chair idea doesn't go exactly to plan.

Outlook Mountain The toolshed The chair lift construction

Episode SevenDD is driving along in the Sheriff's car and he offers Muskie a lift. As they are driving along they hear strange sounds over head. Then a flying saucer appears . They are almost run off the road by the spaceship and so stop and hide behind a rock. The alien likes the Sheriff's car but DD is not about to lose it. The alien offers DD his own ship in exchange.

The Sheriff's car The spaceship Fighting over the car

Still fighting A very worried Sheriff

Episode EightDD receives information about an escaped duck wanted from Long Island after if escaped from a farm. DD is to arrest the duck and ship him back home. Muskie and Vince find the duck and help to evade capture by painting him green. DD does not really want to send him back and so ignores the new duck although he knows who it really is.

Long Island Duck Wanted Poster Muskie and Vince helping out

Episode NineMuskie and Vince are walking around when they notice the tool shed on fire. They inform DD but due to his bungling of getting water, the shed burns to the ground and Sheriff is not too pleased. He orders DD to sort out fire practising using 80 year old equipment. A business man appears who recognises the old fire engine and wants to buy it exchange for a new modern fire engine. As usual poor DD ends up ruining everything.

Tool shed on fire The old fire engine The man wants to buy the old wreck

Episode TenThe Sheriff believes DD to be overweight and so weighs DD. He is indeed overweight especially after breaking weighing machine. He is ordered to lose ten pounds of that blubber or he is fired. Muskie and Vince overhear this. They thus decide to raid the hen house for some delicious eggs. DD is way ahead of them and intercepts them. He may be fat but he is a smart lawman. They decide to help him lose weight whilst helping themselves to the eggs. He chases them back to Muskie's house. They again help him whilst helping themselves, this time to water melons. Again DD catches them. Whilst doing all the chasing he slowly but surely loses weight much to the satisfaction of the Sheriff. Muskie and Vince are not too pleased though when they realise that they have inadvertently helped him lose the weight.

A fat Deputy Caught in the act Home sweet home

Skipping is a good way to shed the weight Stealing melons this time Behind bars yet again

Episode ElevenMuskie and Alligator are fishing lazily in the swamp. Vince arrives anxiously trying to find Muskie. Vince has some important information for Muskie as he has just seen the Sheriff putting up signs saying Muskrat hunting season begins today. Muskie is alarmed and all three are soon running when the bullets start flying. Muskie hides out at home and disguises himself as a raccoon. DD comes to look for him to warn him but in doing so gives the game away to the hunters. All's well that ends well though as the hunter and his dog end up spending 30 days in jail.

Lazy fishing days Vince travelling underground Vince arriving

Vince relaying the news

Above right - one of the rare occasions when Vince is captured with his eyes open

A frightened Muskie Bullets are a flyin'

The hunter and his dog Muskie disguised as a racoon

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