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After numerous requests for the name of the Catfish seen in one of the Deputy Dawg episodes, Little Gems decided enough was enough and so here for your pleasure is the episode that features "Old Fida" the toughest, meanest oldest Catfish in the Creek (the name actually sounds like "Old fighter" if you listen closely but I am assured it is "Old Fida.")

Episode Title Deputy Dawg and Musky are out fishing. To be more precise Muskey is enjoying the spectacle of DD trying continuously to catch a Catfish. Even when he thinks he has caught a fish it turns out to be an old boot. So he throws it back in the water only to find that there was a Catfish inside. DD and Muskey are surprised when a voice offers to help. The voice belongs to a large two inch Inch Worm who is looking for work in the area. With the Inch Worm's help DD lands a big Catfish which is apparently small in comparison to the ones the Inch Worm normally catches back in Tennessee. DD and Muskey then realise that they may have the perfect weapon to catch "Old Fida" the meanest toughest Cat fish in the Creek

DD and Muskey fishing A two inch Inch Worm These Cat fish are too easy

DD and Muskey dangle the Inch Worm into the Creek but Old Fida appears and drags both DD and Inch Worm into the water and then starts to beat up DD. Inch disappears back onto land and DD and Muskey think he has run out on them only to find Inch Worm has returned with a big piece of wood declaring that this is the most fun he has had since leaving Tennessee.

Old Fida is not that easy Inch wants to have another go Another disaster

Eventually after several attempts they land Old Fida. Seeing him there strung up, Deputy Dawg begins to have second thoughts and wants to let "this grand old man of Catfish" go. Even though he and Muskey have been trying for 19 years to catch "Old Fida", they decide to let him go. So Old Fida returns to the lake and everyone is happy. This is perhaps only one of a handful of episodes where DD does not have one put over on him.

Seconds thoughts Trying for 19 years to catch him Old Fida is grateful for his freedom

And so ends another classic Deputy Dawg Episode.

Does anyone else remember when the Sheriff tried to replace DD with a Robot lawman? It was shown around 1974 and featured Dayton Allen as the robot (sounding like Cary Grant) who says at one point tells DD to " Go and check the traffic situation copper" and throws him at a tree.

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