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Hector's House Hector's House

Hector's House

Episode 1

Hector is busy trying to fix a blind that will not stay down. He is too busy to talk to Kiki or ZaZa. ZaZa has got a deck chair ready for Kiki but alas she cannot sit in it properly and keeps sliding down. ZaZa gets her a cushion but Hector puts it down on some nettles. Silly Hector, to put the cushion there (me thinks he secretly knew what he was doing).

Hector is trying to fix the blind ZaZa is having a quiet moment Kiki arrives

Hector takes her to see ZaZa Hector gets a cushion for Kiki Kiki is not comfortable

ZaZa runs up a tree Kiki ends up in the garden pond

He moves the cushion to a new place but there is now nasty draft (good old Hector). He chooses another spot for her to sit. He goes back to work but is again interrupted when all hell breaks loose in the garden. Ants, ants, Hector has put the cushion on an Ant's nest (hip hip hooray Hector). ZaZa runs up a tree and Kiki hides in the garden pond. Finally the blind works, so Hector is content. As usual the ending is Hector saying "lucky I'm a great big sensible old Hector"

Episode 2

Hector is busy fishing but catching nothing. ZaZa shows him the cat's way of catching fish and catches them easily. Kiki arrives over the wall again and starts bothering Hector about fishing. ZaZa offers to show him how to catch fish with his paws. Hector is not at all interested.

Hector is fishing badly Kiki appears over the garden wall ZaZa catches fish the cat way

ZaZa is very successful Hector casts the hook and catches KiKi All is well though

He decides to cast again but gets more than he bargained for. He accidentally hooks Kiki as he tries again to catch more fish. She is very upset but comes round when Hector apologises. As usual the ending is Hector saying "I'm big old fisherman Hector"

Episode 3

Hector and ZaZa are in the garden. ZaZa scolds Hector for teasing Kiki. He says he never means to upset Mrs. Frog. Kiki appears over the wall and she whispers to ZaZa. Kiki does not want Hector to see her as she has a hole in her dress and she is afraid that Hector will make fun of her. She creeps into the garden and ZaZa takes her dress away to fix it. Kiki hides in the garden when Hector appears. She goes and hides in the watering can, just as Hector arrives to use it.

Hector is busy in the garden ZaZa goes to fetch some water ZaZa meets Kiki who has a problem

Kiki gets absolutely soaked as he fills the watering can. He is annoyed that ZaZa is not around to help with the garden chores. She has now fixed Kiki's dress and comes looking for her in the garden. Hector discovers Kiki in the watering can when he finds that no water is coming out. As usual the ending is Hector saying "you certainly fooled old Hector, well and truly."

Episode 4

Hector is being buzzed by an insect. Kiki arrives and asks to join him at the garden table. He is not exactly cordial with his reply as he says he is working, guarding the house. ZaZa is in the garden and so Kiki goes in search of her. He remains at the table bored and grumpy.

They reminisce about what Hector used to be like in the old days and how charming he was. ZaZa decides they should all go for a nice walk. She puts his lead on in order to make sure he follows. The two get more then they bargained for when he takes over and pulls them around the garden As usual the ending is Hector saying "I'm a great big obedient old Hector"

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