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Hector's House Hector's House

Hector's House

Episode 9

ZaZa is singing in the garden whilst having a few moments to herself. Kiki appears over the wall wearing a pig mask. She has found it in the road. They decide to have some fun with it by fooling Hector. Hector is fast asleep in the garden. They carefully put the mask over his head.

Hector wakes up when he hears it is dinner time. He has had a marvellous dream. ZaZa and Kiki greet him as Mr. Pig. They call for Hector and he starts to get annoyed shouting that he is Hector. ZaZa goes to get a mirror for him to prove he is not Hector. He looks at his reflection in a mirror. He sees the face of a pig which makes him both angry and worried.

He thinks he is still dreaming and then thinks that someone has turned him into a pig. They comfort him as he is very upset. He asks to be left alone while the girls watch him from a distance. He soon finds out that it is a mask and he calls them "Hussies." In a fearful rage he eats all the tea and breaks the china. As usual the ending is Hector saying "I'm not Hector, I'm a pig, a great big fat one"

Episode 10

Hector is after a garden caterpillar as he thinks it is eating his best plants. He uses a stick to flick the insect up and out of the garden. It lands on Kiki's head as she appears over the garden wall. She is not very happy as she accuses them of throwing insects into her garden. She tosses it back and then enters the garden via the small hole in the wall. ZaZa gets Hector to explain what he did with the caterpillar he recently dealt with. He threatens to squash it as he is getting very angry.

ZaZa protects the insect but Hector is very stubborn. He remains in the garden waiting for the insect to appear. Eventually it does but it is no longer a caterpillar but is now a beautiful butterfly. Hector is annoyed that his waiting has been for nothing. As usual the ending is Hector saying "I'm a great big spiteful old Hector"

Episode 11

ZaZa is busy making Hector some new clothes. She is making him striped pyjamas and he is extremely happy. He intends to take them to show Kiki but then realises that he needs to iron them first. ZaZa fetches the iron but Hector wants to iron them for himself. Hector naturally forgets how hot the iron can become and ends up burning a hole in the pyjamas.

He calls to ZaZa and she is a bit upset but says she can mend them. ZaZa hurries in doors as the cake she is making needs attention. Hector is so busy thinking of how wonderful ZaZa is that he burns another hole in the pyjamas. Hector does not know what to do until Kiki appears and offers to fix the pyjamas. Kiki patches them up for him. As usual the ending is Hector saying "I'm a big ridiculous old Hector"

Episode 12

Hector is making Kiki a small chair but he has left a nail in the wood. Kiki goes to his workshop to fetch the pliers. Hector admits that he is actually fond of Kiki. Inside his workshop, Kiki finds lots of interesting things.

She tries lots of pretty things on her head believing them to be hats. Eventually Hector goes to find her. She is nowhere to be seen. Hector gets a fright as he sees a metal funnel moving inside the garden. They follow it round the garden until the funnel ends up in the pond and they think it is going to drown itself. All is well though, as it turns out to be Kiki who got the funnel stuck on her head. She had tried the funnel on thinking it to be a nice hat. As usual the ending is Hector saying "I'm a great big cautious old Hector"

Episode 13

It is a miserable day. Hector and ZaZa decide that it will be too wet to work in the garden. Whatever shall they do to stop themselves getting bored. Kiki arrives to cheer them up. Kiki likes the rain though as she is a frog. She also has a new game for them to play. Kiki brings back a board game for all three of them to play.

The game is called "The Weather Game." Hector thinks it will be a difficult game to play but Kiki says it will be as easy as Snakes and Ladders. They each take a counter and roll the dice.

They have to go all around the board in order to complete the game. Hector is not very impressed to begin with and so starts first in order to get it over with. He soon starts to enjoy the game and even starts making up new rules for them to play by. As usual the ending is Hector saying " I'm a great big clever old Hector"

An so ends a nice little series, simple, fun and easy to produce. anyone having memories, corrections, suggestions etc. then please email me at the usual address.

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