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The Adventures of Sir Prancelot

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Episode Synopsis:

One - Crumblecreek Crusade

Crumblecreek Castle Inventions Master Gurth

The adventure opens with Sir Prancelot (Sir P) declaring "Odds kittikins", giving instructions to prepare Crumblecreek Castle against an unseen foe. His soldiers lift the drawbridge, drop the portcullis and following a recipe, cook boiling oil.

All this, just to keep his bank manager at bay.

Whilst Crumblecreek Castle crumbles, the minstrel tells us that all of Sire's cash goes into "Crazy notions, inventions and what have you's" and thus sets the scene for the day's adventure.

Sim and Sue, the castle children, are in the school room writing at the feet of Master Girth who is working on the castle accounts. The scratching of their pens irritates him so he sends them off to their guardian who is "mad already". Sim and Sue find Sir P in his inventions room, "engaged in the pursuit of scientific discovery". He is completing the Prancelot Propulsion Principle, a type of siege catapult. Girth enters, where upon Sir P greets him with, "the happy smile, the carefree gait" a view much at odds with Girth's grim facial expression.

Girth sits down on the mechanism and begins to total up the cost of the machinery. He is horrified at the amount. He informs Sir P that the bank manager has lost patience with the level of Sir P's overdraft and is arriving the following day to have Sir P make good on the amount owed.

Sir P, however, is not really listening and fires the siege catapult. Using as ballast the unfortunate Girth, the machinery unintentionally hurls him high into the castle rafters leaving him suspended on a hook. Sir P is delighted with the test.

Appearing unconcerned with Girth's predicament, Sir P struggles to remember what he has planned for the next day. Delightedly, he remembers that he is off to the crusades, inadvertently letting go of the mechanism, thus dropping the hooked Girth to the floor.

"Boiling oil to the bank manager," Sir P's only worry is "how the pugga-mugga" was he going to get out his siege catapult.

Two - The Lady Hysteria

A heated discussion More inventions He gives up

Sir P is giving instructions two of his men, Bert and Harry. They are operating Sir P's war machine to the beat of Sim's drum whilst Sue watches on. A face appears from a castle window calling for Sir P and so we are introduced to Sir P's wife, the formidable Lady Hysteria (Lady H). The minstrel describes her as Sir P's "old woman" and that he, "is proper scared of her".

Sitting next to the minstrel, Lady H is busy knitting something in chainmail. Sir P appears and Lady H demands to know about the, "monstrous rumour" circulating the castle that he is going on a crusade the following day. Truth be told, the minstrel informs us, Sir P's main reason for leaving is to get away from the Lady H. She states that he can't possibly go because she has but half finished his chainmail underwear, extorting that, "there is nothing like steel wool next to the skin".

Master Girth appears from behind a tapestry, calculating the cost of Sir P's underwear, first in shillings before correcting himself and recalculating the total in new pence.

Sir P is made to model his, "very becoming" under-garments, whilst Girth is sent to fetch Pig William, Lady H's pet pig. Girth is rewarded for his efforts to entice the pig from its heraldic tent with a bite. Stroking her pet, Lady H announces that, "Mother" has a present for Pig William too, a chainmail vest. Sir P wants to know why a pig would need such a garment. Lady H states that Pig William could not be expected to go on such a "perilous exercise" as the crusades unprotected.

"Go on the Crusades" exclaims a horrified Sir P, "but that means you're coming too!" "Precisely," states Lady H.

Outside, Sim and Sue are now alone in the war machine and press several buttons, starting the marching feet, battering ram and the klaxon. The ensuing din is heard from within the castle where Lady H and Sir P are continuing their debate. Sir P states that, "war is not for a woman" and resignedly thinks that he won't go on the crusades after all. However, the increasing noise from the war machine interrupts them and sends Girth and the pig cowering away. With Sim and Sue at the controls, the war machine crashes past them through the castle wall.

Using this incident as an example of why war would be unsuitable for Lady H, Sir P continues to attempt to dissuade his wife from going on the crusades with him. However, Sir P has failed as the war machine has excited Lady H and she cries that, "it is wonderful, toot toot, honk honk, hussar!"

Sir P collapses in defeat.

Three - A Few Items of Baggage

Drastic measures are called upon Hide and Seek with Pig William Her Lazyship's escort

Sir Prancelot is shown riding his charger, but as the picture pans down, the Minstrel informs us that the Sir P prefers the mechanical alternative. A group of soldiers are outside the castle walls using a battering ram against the fortifications. Lady H thinks the castle is being attacked. But no, Sir P informs her, the main gate is too small for some of the items required on the crusades that they need a bigger hole to carry out the essentials. A soldier exits the new exit carrying a huge casket of mead.

Girth moans at the prospective costs of repairing this breach. Sir P dismisses it, and says that the castle will not be required on the crusades. The Minstrel suggests, "flogging it to the Yanks", "except that they haven't discovered America yet.

We discover that Girth has only ordered one small ship to carry all the equipment, yet Lady H thinks she'll need a ship just for herself. She discovers that Pig William is missing and the castle is turned upside down to find it. The children discover the animal rooting in the dustbin and is returned to Lady H's arms. She instructs Girth to pet the pig but he ends up with another bitten finger for his troubles. Then Sim on his drums and Sue on a whistle lead the procession of men and possessions down to the coast.

Sitting back, the Minstrel tells us that he'll wait there, because it will take several episodes to load it all onto the ship.

Four - A Weighty Problem

Loading up The ship she is a sinkin' Best place for them

Girth, with crossed arms and bandaged finger, informs us that everytime we hear the trumpeting opening credits it costs 20 crowns.

We are down at the docks, with Sir P supervising the loading of the ship with cases required for the crusades. "Lot 229, peripatetic water diviner with tropical pea podding device" Sir P says, reading from a list. He is quite pleased with the proceedings except that Pig William has to be removed from the hold by Sim and Sue due to the unsuitability of the pig's resting place. The Minstrel, on the other hand, believes that there will be no room left on board for all the people.

Lady H arrives with Girth and some sweating soldiers with many boxes, her "scanty belongings".

"Lot 230, miscellaneous maps, mechanisms and guidebooks to the Holy Land. Lot 232 collapsable canvas castle with instant rubberised moat attachment. Lot 234 self propelling ..." continues Sir P. Girth, true to form, moans at the cost of the venture, in particular the numerous number of Lady H's veils. Pig William sneaks up on an unsuspecting Girth and bites him on the bum. Girth chases after Pig William and both are caught in the hoist and dropped into the hold. A distraught Lady H boards the ship to rescue her beloved pet.

The Minstrel suspects that this extra weight will be all it takes to sink the ship, and sure enough the ship and it's contents disappear from sight below the waves. Sir P, still reading the inventory hasn't noticed the enfolding drama and says, "Well I'm blessed".

"Its a bit early for that," replies the Minstrel, "they're coming back up" as the Lady H, Girth and Pig William surface. Sir P says he is sorely tempted to leave her in the drink, but hoists them all out.

Back on dry land, the Lady H cannot understand how, the ship (which is now lighter), rises from the sea. By way of explanation, Sir P informs his "dove" that there is a saying about the final straw that broke the camels back. Lady H indignantly states that she, "is no camel". "No" laughs the Minstrel, but says that Lady H does sometimes give Sir P, "the hump".

Six - On the Rocks

Yet another invention On the rocks Back to the drawing board

The ship is sailing at night, but the lookout is asleep in the crow's nest. Below decks, Sir P is holding forth, sending instructions up to the helmsman on the helm. He sends him first in one direction and then in the other, so much so the poor sailor falls overboard. The minstrel informs us that he is the third steersman that they have lost today. As they are sailing in circles, though, the men are always picked up again.

Lady H asks does Sir P know where they are. Sir P points at various locations on the map without conviction but says not to worry, he has a special invention, a true North seeking compass. Girth mutters that it is an "invention of the devil". "Land will hove in sight any minute" proclaims Sir P. Sure enough it does: underneath the boat, for they are on the rocks.

Girth cries out that he knew it, the earth was flat. Sir P pulls the fallen Lady H from the deck but is immediately pinned down himself under her weight. He decides to stay there, announcing they all need to rest as the following day they will all be disembarking on a foreign shore.

The next day, Sim and Sue lead a blindfolded Sir P up onto deck. Upon removing his scarf, Sir P surveys the scene, and exclaims about the fine looking castle before him. It should be, as it is his castle. "Home again" cries a delighted Lady H.

High tide floats the ship off the rocks and the compass is heaved into the sea. It turns out, the Minstrel tells us, that the compass's operation was affected by Sir P's armour. Sir P is left working out how to demagnetise himself.

Seven - Count Otto

A sea to sea surface missile Baddies on the starboard bow... Plastered

We are greeted by Count Otto the Blot, who says that Sir P is his sworn mortal enemy and that Prancelot's inventions will soon be his, all his. Count Otto's chance may be coming soon, as his soldier explains, for Sir P's ship is seen at sea. Count Otto shouts for his ship to be made ready.

Meanwhile, events are stirring on the ship, well Bert and Harry are stirring - porridge for breakfast. Lady H exclaims of its "health giving" properties, whilst a for once a happy looking Girth delights that it is "economical". Not everyone appreciates the food, though, as Sir P is spotted by his spouse trying to empty it over the side of the ship.

The lookout in the crow's nest spots a sail. Lady H demands to know what sort of sale, as she "never trusts a bargain". Sir P, looking through his telescope declares it to be Count Otto the Blot, a "dashed foreigner" whom he "can't stand". The feeling as we know, is mutual and this is confirmed as an arrow narrowly misses Sir P's head, landing instead on the mast.

The Minstrel tells us that Count Otto the Blot, or "Blotto" as he is more commonly known, is a "nasty piece of work" and "jealous" Sir P's inventions. In retaliation, Sir P tells his men to load up the cannon with grapeshot, but there's not even a "pip", the ammunition was left behind.

"Very well," declares Sir P, "launch the seasurf propelled maritime battering ram". This torpedo like device is powered by two oarsman, poor old Bert and Harry. They discuss how the gunpowder filled nozzle will blow Blotto, his ship and men to kingdom come. It dawns on them that such a fate will also befall them. They bid each a sad farewell and continue rowing, but with their eyes shut. "So perish all foreigners" cries Sir P.

"Non-perishable" says the Minstrel, as Bert and Harry row past their target. And so Blotto and his men prepare to board the ship. Girth, with Pig William, cower underneath Lady H's skirts. Meanwhile the ever resourceful Sim and Sue carry the breakfast to the cannon where it is loaded down the barrel. "The very thing" says Sir P and the porridge is fired out, covering Blotto and his men who then turn and flee.

"There is nothing like a drop of porridge" observes the Minstrel, "as long as you are well away when it drops". Talking of being well away, Bert and Harry continue their blind rowing into the distance.

Eight - Thunderstruck

Not another invention A storm brewing Bert and Harry on the receiving end yet again

We join the crew at sea, where Sir P is showing off his new invention, a shipping forecaster. He is trying to work out which sea area they are in. According to Girth, they are in the red. The forecaster calculates light winds, no clouds, sun... Declares Sir P "a splendid..." but a sudden storm drowns out his words.

Despite the weather lashing the ship, Sir P tries to adjust his machine. Inside the cabin, Lady H assumes control and calls for a lifeboat drill. She instructs Girth to go and adjust Pig William's life belt.

As the storm continues Harry is sent up the main mast with a lightening conductor rod. Albert is told to hold tight. Unfortunately Harry gets struck by lightening and the light goes on. Sir P "that's better" but both the soldiers are burnt. Once the storm has passed, Sir P fixes the machine. The machine shows freezing temperatures, storms and then a disastrous forecast. The Minstrel and Lady H sight land but is it the "Holy Land?" The Minstrel doubts it but suggests that Sir P would be well placed for a job with the meteorological office.

Nine - Landfall

Foreign shores at last! Dealing with French Customs Crates and more crates

Sim and Sue are playing their instruments as the ship approaches a harbour. Sir P is in full armour whilst Lady H is in full warpaint - she is putting on her makeup. Girth is hiding. They meet with no desperate resistance, though, which is unexpected. So where are they?

After mooring the ship, the gangplank is lowered and out strides Sir P. "Hurrah" shout his crew. Sir P claims the land in the name of, "King William, or is it Richard... or Henry...". How many of us, asks the Minstrel, know the Kings and Queens of England.

"Now you've had your little joke" a Frenchman greets him, it is time for the formalities of customs, passports and baggage inspection. Crates are unloaded from the ship and our officer begins his thorough inspection...This might have taken quite some time, until a little mischief was created via Sim and Sue. Demanding to see the contents of a particular crate, up pops a "dragon in a box" giving the French officer a bit of a start. With this experience freshly in mind, he waves through the remaining boxes which are piled up. Sim and Sue are becoming quite good at getting Sir P out of trouble.

Speaking of which, up pops Count Otto, who sees the unattended crates as another opportunity to rob Sir P. More trouble in store then...

Ten - Kidnapped

Into town rides Lady Hysteria Count Otto wants the woman There'll be no ransom paid

Sir P has invented a new machine, a maths calculator. It was originally designed to help Sim and Sue with their homework. They are still in port because Lady H is searching for "real French goodies" with Bert and Harry. Bert and Harry are busy discussing what is the definition of litter (Lady H is being carried in one by Bert and Harry) and agree that it is something they are not supposed to drop, although they wouldn't mind dropping "this little lot."

Unknown to the heroes, Count Otto the Blot is hiding in the shadows, planning to kidnap Lady H. Lady H goes into a Patisserie whilst Bert and Harry disappear into a bar. While Lady H is munching, Bert and Harry are drinking but they suddenly realise that they have left their money behind. A heavily disguised Count Otto offers drinks on the house, bidding them "auf wiedersehen" but Bert and Harry do not spot this lapse into the German language. The boys appear drugged and Blotto's men make off with their uniforms.

As Lady H sets off in her litter once more, Blotto's men start to take her to a hide out instead. Blotto's men speed off and do not notice when Lady H falls through the litter and is left behind. They only realise what has happened when they reach the secret hideout. Lady H decides to return on foot. Bert and Harry arrive at the ship minus their clothing and Lady H. "What a stroke of luck" declares Sir P as Bert and Harry inform him that Count Otto has Lady H. The demand means nothing as he'd pay Count Otto just to keep her.

Sir P is therefore very surprised when Lady H appears and wants some answers to some pertinent questions. The minstrel ends the episode by noting that it would take a calculating machine quite a while to work this one out.

Eleven - Hostile Enemy Intentions

Medieval flare (another invention of Sir P's) Harry flying high Milk pudding for tea

Cathedral bells are ringing out in the town where Sir P is giving his small band of troops instructions on order of march to the Holy Land. Two soldiers are out in front - poor Bert and Harry. They will scout ahead, followed by Sir P on his mechanical charger riding before the main group.

The scout party carry the new Prancelot portable parachute propulsion unit - a simple mechanism which sends coloured balls skywards to warn of hostile enemy intentions. Red is for danger, green for all clear and amber for caution. The instruction book is very big and full of complex information.

Sim is playing on his drum as they march on. Bert and Harry hear a noise whilst in the middle of some woods. They decide to send off a flare but neither of them can read. So they decide to send off one ball but unfortunately Harry gets sent aloft as well. "It's about time we had some news from the scouts" says Sir P just as Harry lands on his horse. "Odds Kittikins" he exclaims. "Action stations," he declares but the hostile enemy is nothing more than a cow, "but that's...". "Fresh milk" declares Lady H. Bert and Harry are left to milk the cow.

Twelve - The Haunted Watch-tower

Looks spooky don't it? The work of Sim and Sue The great escape

The episode opens with a moon lit ruin. "First night overseas" states the Minstrel as the group settle down for the night in "Chateau de Spook" whose Baron what met a sticky end in 1066 in the watch tower. "Kinda creepy" he muses though it would take more than that to disturb Lady H's slumber, judging by the snores. Girth tries to sleep by counting gold coins on his fingers.

Meanwhile, Sim and Sue are busy painting something on the back of Sir P's armour as he works out instructions for the following day. Bert and Harry are alone in the watch-tower as they are keeping the first watch of the night. It is getting very creepy and the two boys are becoming very jumpy, though neither will admit being afraid of ghosts as it is "kids stuff". Sir P calls for Bert to come down and take up the boiling oil. Bert slowly comes up the winding steps with the cauldron which is making creaking and groaning noises. This frightens Harry, who quickly descends the outside of tower via the vine creepers. Bert eventually gets to the top and finds that he is all alone. Harry has gone. He thinks that "maybe the ghost took 'im." Harry, upon reaching the ground is ordered by Sir P to take the remaining objects up the tower and Harry now realises what the noises were.

Bert, meanwhile, is at the top of the watch-tower and is slowly becoming more afraid. This is heightened when he hears clanking noises coming up the stairs. He like, Harry, escapes down the creeping vines. Harry arrives at the top of the tower expecting to find Bert but he is gone. Once at the bottom, Bert sees a skeleton (Sim and Sue's handywork painted on the back of Sir P's armour) and runs moaning up the watch-tower which in turn scares Harry who quickly descends via the vine. Once descended Harry too sees a skeleton which sends him shrieking up the stairs of the watch-tower. As the Minstrel points out, "it could have gone all night except that Sir P finally turns around." Of course, Harry and Bert realise their mistake and report nothing amiss. They are sent back to their posts..."the minute my back is turned"...says Sir P. "Hardly surprising" says the Minstrel, "it's like Bert said...ghosts really are kids stuff."

Thirteen - The Flight

The world first hot air balloon A most unhappy baddie Up, up and away.....

Dawn at Chateau de Spook and Lady H leads the morning aerobics. "Gurt is better at accounts than exercise" remarks the Minstrel. Sim and Sue are in the watch-tower when they spot trouble and run to inform Sir P. "It's that dashed foreign fellow," none other Count Otto the Blot again and his men are advancing on them. Blotto considers Sir P and his party well and truly caught. He produces a battering ram and a catapult to press home his attack.

Sir P takes from his pile of crates, lots 40-52 inclusive and sends Bert and Harry to man the defences. Blotto fires his catapult and Bert and Harry respond with insulting gestures whilst Sir P and his men put together the necessary pieces of equipment. "Sew, Sew" orders Sir P to Lady H, to which the Minstrel replies that he always thought she was an old "so and so."

Blotto continues his bombardment and the chateau ruins begin to crumble further. To further delay Blotto, Sim fires a catapult which catches Blotto in the eye. Sue uses a pea shooter to similar effect. Blotto and his men advance but to his and everyone's disbelief "the Englishmen have escaped again," this time in a hot air balloon.

Fourteen - Flying Crusade

Leaving the Count far below Italy The leaning tower of Pisa

Sir P and his party have made good their escape from the evil clutches of Count Otto the Blot, leaving the Chateau far below them. Lady H is enjoying the flight "like a bird on the wing." Girth is not, however, happy as he is suffering from travel sickness as well as being afraid of heights. Sir P uses a loud hailer to welcome everyone aboard Crusader I on its maiden flight to the Holy Land. Bert and Harry are providing the propulsion.

Blotto is very angry at losing Sir P and sets off after them on horseback. As the balloon crosses the Alps, Sim uses his telescope where he spots a St. Bernard dog and its master searching for people in distress in the snow. He is very startled when he sees the balloon passing overhead and ends up drinking from the dog's Brandy barrel himself.

Once over the Alps, they reach Italy and float over Pisa where Sir P watches the men removing supports from a tower. The men too, are also startled by the balloon and without their support the tower falls to one side. "That," says the Minstrel "how it became the Leaning Tower of Pisa."

Fifteen - Duke Uglio

The Duke's castle World's first camera Portrait of a smiling Duke

The Sir P household are staying with Duke Uglio in his castle in the Italian Hills whilst taking in supplies (at least that was the idea). Duke Uglio, however is suspicious of Sir P and his men casts them into his "deepest, darkest, nastiest dungeon." Lady H is appalled and instructs Sir P to insist on seeing the British Consul.

The jailor in charge of the dungeons pushes an old man into their cells. This is Luigi the Squeegy, chief painter to the Duke. Duke Uglio did not like his last painting as it did not show the count smiling. This is very difficult to do as the Duke never smiles. Sir P thinks he has the answer. Crate 27B may hold the key and asks the jailer to get it. Bert and Harry carry the crate into the great hall in front of which sits Duke Uglio, "proper mean, real nasty" says the Minstrel.

Luigi pretends to be painting the portrait of the Duke whilst Sir P gets ready with his equipment. Sir P needs to get the Duke to smile and so instructs Bert to tell him a joke.

"Knock knock" says Bert. "Who's there?" replies Harry.

"Uglio" says Bert, "Uglio who ?" asks Harry.

"Uglio old so and so, what can't see a joke when he hears one" replies Bert...

There is a deathly silence while everyone nervously watches the Duke for his reaction. Eventually a smile comes to his face and at that moment Sir P takes his picture. Sir P pronounces his new invention, "photography" and produces the perfect portrait of the Duke. The Count kisses Sir P on the cheek and so the celebrations begin thanks to the camera and the irresistible humour of Bert and Harry.

Sixteen - An Ugly Affair

Duke with a mission The mission uncovered Sim and Sue saving the day yet again

Still in the village of Uglio, we are in the company of Duke who is preparing a potion of poisons. What for we wonder !!

The Minstrel is watching the great banquet for Sir P and guests. Sir P is chatting to the Duke's wife, Lady H is demanding recipes, Sim and Sue are eyeing up a large ice cream whilst Girth is working out the total cost of it all on the table cloth. Bert and Harry are none to keen on their bowls of spagetti proclaiming it to be, "bootlaces boiled up in glue".

Duke Uglio brings up his wine waiter and instructs him to put the poison in the wine. Sir P brings out his latest invention - a parchment which turns blue if it detects poison. Sir P says that it is a pity the he cannot demonstrate this as he plunges the paper into the goblet. To his horror it turns blue "odds kittikins" he cries "it has turned bright blue." The Duke produces a dagger. "So, you are too cunning for me, but what I can't do with poison, I'll do with this and the magic camera will be mine" he cries advancing on Sir P. Sim and Sue meanwhile are creeping up behind the Duke with their enormous ice cream which they throw over his head. Bert and Harry keep the pursuers at bay using their spagetti.

Our band can then make a speedy getaway once again by air. "What a waste of a lovely dinner" says the Minstrel sadly.

Seventeen - Behind the Times

Crusaders Castle ahoy A hippy from Liverpool Fifty years too late

The balloon is flying over the mountains and they have left Count Otto the Blot and Duke Uglio far behind (at least they believe they have), but will they ever get to their final destination?

Ahead of them they see Crusaders Castle, "the very gateway to the Holy Lands" Sir P informs the household. Sir P expects to find thousands of knights and so wants to make a spectacular landing. He tells Bert and Harry "to slow down and make fast." They do not understand this command and so one goes slow and the other goes fast. The balloon swings violently from side to side before it completely overturns. Lady H tries to hold on but grabs the device that lets all the air out. Hence the balloon crashes into the sea. Sir P, however is fired up onto the castle walls by his instantly inflating safety belt. He demonstrates again by diving off the castle walls and is instantly brought back safely to the ramparts.

A long haired hippy (with a Liverpudlian accent) is alone in the castle and informs Sir P that the crusades had ended some fifty years ago. "Oh No..." cries a distraught Sir P who falls back into the sea - not returning safely this time. The Minstrel ends by saying the Sir P may be well ahead of his time in some areas but behind the times in others.

Eighteen - Not Cricket

When in doubt play cricket An unfair advantage (another invention) Out for the Count

Count Otto rears his nasty, ugly head yet again in this episode. He has chased Sir P across Europe and over seas and he is now in the Holy Land. He spies Sir P playing cricket which is "the only thing to do to restore an Englishman's moral."

Sir P hits the ball which bounces off Harry's head before landing in the serf's hands. Lady H, the Umpire, rules him out as well as Harry who is unconscious on the ground. It is now Girth's turn to bat while Sir P bowls. The ball is another of Sir P's inventions and is manipulated via remote control. The ball is sent spinning everywhere before hitting the stumps.

Everyone then breaks for tea and Count Otto sees his chance to attack. Sim and Sue entertain everyone with drum and whistle. As Count Otto's men appear over the wall, Sir P knocks them all out with his remote controlled ball. "A bowling record," he cries, "five men out with one ball." Not what you would call cricket though, "let's hope he doesn't try this on at Lords" says the Minstrel.

Nineteen - Balloon Blitz

Key to freedom Baddies in a basket Baddies hanging about

Harry is working hard on a ship and is told by a relaxing Bert that he should be concentrating his efforts on repairing the balloon. Sir P apparently wants to head for home at midnight. Bert requests that Harry keep the noise down as he needs all his concentration to guard "you know who" who is now in the dungeon - Count Otto the Blot (a persistent baddy, for those of you who have not been following the plot). Girth and Sir P are going over the crate inventory. While all this is going, on a hand reaches out of the dungeon grating and lifts the key from the waistband of a sleeping Bert.

Count Otto and his men then escape from the dungeon and creep aboard the balloon. Off they fly and attack Sir P and Co. Sir P instructs his men to assemble the anti-balloon missile projector. Sir P fires on the balloon and sends it crashing to earth. The stolen balloon ends up stuck a large pole. "Now that Sir P has done in their only means of transport" muses the Minstrel "how are we going to get back home?"

Twenty - Ships of the Desert

A happy Gurth doing what he does best Poor camel Knights of Arabia

Sir P and the household are not happy. No crusades, no balloon and miles and miles of sand. Count Otto and his men are still stuck up the pole onto which the balloon has crashed.

Up pops a local bloke, declaring himself to be a travel agent. Hakim who gets 'em packin' states his brochure. He offers them a package tour which would return them home. "Excellent idea" declares Sir P and sends GirthGirth to arrange it. The two of them haggle over the price for some time but eventually strike a deal.

The luxury travel turns out to be on the back of a camel. They all set off. Harry dislikes the motion of the camel as he and Bert bring up the rear. He realises the link between camels being called "ships of the desert" and sea sickness. Sim and Sue are on a donkey but keen to get into mischief by frightening Lady H's camel which runs off at great speed. Bert and Harry are sent off in pursuit. They catch Lady H who is hanging from a tree. She thinks she has been whisked off and faints into Bert's arms.

The rest of the troop eventually catch up with our trio who are now at an oasis.

"Ah... Prancelot" says Lady H sadly as she comes round, "how disappointing." Lady H says she was abducted by a handsome Arabian Prince but now she is being cared for "two rude fellows." Bert and Harry dispute which one of them was the handsome man she meant.

And so our adventures end... with many, many loose ends. Alas, no follow up series was made or at least it never reached the television screen. Whether or not Sir P reached the shores of England remains unknown since the vieo information we have stops at part twenty although there were another twelve epsiodes made including the final journey back to Crumblecreek Castle. Details of this final episode can be found by clicking below:

Sir Prancelot - extra material

This series, however, deserves its place in our "Little Gems" pages as it remains a true children's classic of our time.

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