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Opening fanfare The adventure begins...

The Adventures of Sir Prancelot

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The adventures of Sir Prancelot - Main Page Sir Prancelot - Episode Guide Sir Prancelot - Extras Sir Prancelot - Books / Popouts Sir Prancelot - Toys Sir Prancelot - Action Art Sir Prancelot - Little Book Series

Finally after many years of searching I came across a long playing record of John Ryans "The Adventures of Sir Prancelot." More importantly the LP contained the last episode of the gallant, brave knight. Hopefully this will now complete the story which many of you have emailed me about.


Sir Prancelot has been to the Holy Land. He became entangled with some real nasties such as Duke Uglio and the obnoxious Count Otto. However Sir Prancelot has finally met someone rich and powerful with whom he gets along with. The Sultan of Baghdad has a magic carpet that refuses to work correctly. Sir P has a look at it and realises what the problem is.

"It's all a matter if displacing the magnetic forces above the carpet and putting them below" he says.

He switches a few things and presses a few buttons and finally the carpet powers up and rises off the ground. The Sultan is delighted with this result. Meanwhile Burt and Harry decide to go and see the women in the harem. They sneak into the tent and the women are really pleased to see such big handsome guards. Burt and Harry can finally settle down and enjoy themselves as so far they have not had the best of times. The visit to the local casino did not pay off as when they lost all their money they were thrown out of the club. Now they think they are onto a winner in the harem. However the Sultan's executioner sees them and chases them throughout the palace. The two finally make into the courtroom where the Sultan and Sir P are sitting. Harry and Burt come bursting in straight onto the carpet closely followed by the Sultan's guards. Sim and Sue, quick thinking as ever, use the remote control to take Harry and Burt out of the palace window and high up above Baghdad. The Sultan is delighted with this remote control feature and forgets about Harry and Burt's indiscretions.


Burt and Harry are wandering around the palace thinking of the awful times they have had recently. The casino memory is still very annoying. The duo soon run across a large stone bottle and wonder what is inside. Harry thinks it may contain an all powerful Genie and they try to open it. As they are doing this some traitorous generals in the palace revolt and try to take the Sultan prisoner. Burt and Harry eventually open the bottle and find that it is full of laughing gas. The gas escapes and soon all the revolting generals and their men are overpowered by laughter. The Sultan's guards are able to deal with the problem now and again the Sultan is very grateful to Sir P and his men for saving the day. Burt and Harry for their quick thinking and aid in preventing the treachery are awarded the cities highest honour - "The Purple Pomegranate"


Soon though it is time for home, Sir P and his followers have decided that they wish to return to old Crumblecreek Castle, cold and drafty though it may be it is still home. The Sultan orders and extra large carpet for the group and everything is loaded onto it. All the supplies and equipment of Sir P is placed onto the carpet and everyone climbs aboard. All is well and so everyone says good-bye. The carpet sails away into the distance and soon it is getting dark. Sir P sets the controls to automatic and Burt and Harry watch over the controls. At the back of the carpet there is a large box. It does not appear to be any different than the other boxes on the carpet, but the lid on his particular box starts to rise. Someone is inside, and in an instant the unknown man has bopped Harry on the head and now holds a dagger to Burt. It is one of Count Otto's men - can Sir P never get away from this idiot. Count Otto still has ideas of capturing and thwarting our gallant knight. Otto's man orders them to fly to a new destination.


Ottos' man directs them to a large mountain range and to set the carpet down at a creepy looking old castle somewhere in the middle of Europe. There, Count Otto is waiting for them and as soon as they arrive, they are thrown into jail. Sir P thinks about how he may get out of this predicament and comes up with a cunning plan (I wonder if this is the first time this phrase was used). Sir P convinces Count Otto that he can build a device that will turn any base metal into gold. Count Otto cannot let this go without investigating the possibility. He allows Sir P to build the transmographer and then gets ready to demonstrate it. The device is built out of solid metal and is very large and heavy. Sir P places a small lump of lead into the transmographer, switches a switch and the states that if he (Count Otto) looks now, he will see that it has turned into gold.. Count Otto pears inside for a good look as he is far too greedy to let anyone else look. As he leans in Sir P pushes him inside and locks the device shut. No one can hear Count Otto as the metal case walls are far too thick. Sir P then tells Count Otto's men that new orders have been received and they are to take this metal case containing highly radioactive waste and place it down the mountain side at least five miles away from the castle. Count Otto's men are so thick, they do not question the order or wonder where their leader has vanished to. Because the metal case weighs a lot, every man in the Otto's castle is required to lift it down the mountain side. As soon as they are all out of sight, Sir P orders the castle gates shut and the portcullis down. The castle is now theirs.


Sir P and the others still wish to return home, but they do not have the means. Sir P starts to use his noggin again and starts looking at the castle. The North tower of the castle starts to get his mind working. The shape of the tower looks like......Sir P does not reveal to the others what his plan involves but he orders the others to get to work. Sir P gets down to the design and drawing board and starts issuing orders on all manner of topics. Girth is set to work on the mathematics and equations whilst Sim, Sue, Harry and Burt start the gophering. Eventually the object is complete and Sir P reveals it be a huge rocket which will blast of that very day. This will be ultimate invention to date.


The rocket is now complete and the group's belongings are carried aboard. Suddenly down the mountain side a cry is heard, Count Otto has escaped and his men are now determined to take back their castle. Count Otto knows of a secret passage from the caverns up into the kitchen which he uses to enter the castle. Suddenly a real battle is taking place. Sir P, Harry and Burt do their best to hold off the attackers whilst everyone makes it on board. Sir P then gives the order to light the fuse. Five, Four, Three Two...One....The flash is so bright that it actually holds Count Otto and his men back, long enough for Sir P, Harry and Burt to climb aboard the rocket. "Splendid...splendid" remarks Sir P at the launch.


The rocket launches perfectly much to the annoyance and disgust of Count Otto, yet again this Englishman has thwarted the attempts at capture. The rocket flies high up into the sky and soon enters space. Everyone starts to float and Sir P remarks to his wife, "yes my dove, you are as light as a feather." They are in space for about one hour before the rocket re-enters and starts to head for Earth again. The rocket splashes down exactly on target in the sea just off the coast where Crumblecreek Castle is to be found. Everyone is safe and relieved to be finally home. Harry and Burt who were in the tail section use it as a dingy to row to the others who are bobbing up and down in the nose section of the rocket.


What an adventure. Word has spread of the goings on at the castle and the adventures Sir P and his group have had. The King visits Sir P to hear of his successes and to reward Sir P with an odd title or two. Sir P is awarded:

Baron Crumblecreek

Chancellor of the Duchy of Crumberland

Duke of Crumble (which makes Lady Hysteria a Duchess at last)

An so ends the adventures of this gallant knight. What happened after this adventure, no one knows, as no further adventures were ever televised. I did manage to pick up a couple of books of "The Adventures of Sir Prancelot" from 1973 and 1976 (copyright John Ryan - Published by Purnell of London). These do contain other stories but they all take place in and around Crumblecreek Castle. The stories with Count Otto the Blot include:



The Challenge

The New Servant

Poison Pie


The Moat Monster


The Inventor

An Inspector calls

The Challenge

The Adventures of Sir Prancelot - Front cover The Adventures of Sir Prancelot - Reverse cover

The man who did all the voices for Sir Prancelot, The Lady Hysteria, Master Girth, Bert & Harry, Count Otto Ze Blott, The French Customs Official, Luigi da Squigi, Duke Uglio, Hippy character, Otto's minions, Hakim, the Vizeer, The Caliph Haroon al Rachid, Ali Baba and the Jester (narrator) in the series was the superbly talented Peter Hawkins (shown below).

Peter Hawkins also did the voices for a huge list of television programs including, Penny Crayon (the part of Dennis), The Adventures of Spot (he was the narrator), Super Ted, Rainbow (he also did the voice of the ever annoying Zippy), Captain Pugwash, The Woodentops and The Flower Pot Men. He also played lots of parts in several different stories of Doctor Who - both Cybermen and Daleks. These parts ranged from the very early stories such as "The Power of the Daleks" and "The chase." He also did the voice of a character from one of my favourite television program shorts- he played the red fuming devils in "The Storytellers" story of "The Soldier and Death."

Peter Hawkins

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Sir Prancelot Main Page Sir Prancelot - episode guide Sir Prancelot - extra material Sir Prancelot - Popouts Toys Sir Prancelot Action Art Set - 1971 Sir Prancelot - Little Books Series- 1972
The adventures of Sir Prancelot - Main Page Sir Prancelot - Episode Guide Sir Prancelot - Extras Sir Prancelot - Books / Popouts Sir Prancelot - Toys Sir Prancelot - Action Art Sir Prancelot - Little Book Series