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The Riddlers

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The Riddlers

Interview with Brian Cooke - Sound Technician on the Riddlers and a vast number of other television programs (see below)

What was your job whilst working on the Riddlers ?

I was a sound technician on The Riddlers - this usually involved putting the headsets on the puppet operators and radio microphones on the actors. I also used to play in any music needed such as songs.

What was it like working on a set with puppets ?

There were usually lots of wires trailing everywhere which were fastened to the puppet operators trolleys - these were for microphones and a little tv set which the Richard & Mike the puppet operators could see so that they could make sure only the puppet was in the camera picture. The puppets became almost life like even though you could see the people operating them. Working on the set there was always a family atmosphere and occasionally some ruffled feathers.

Had you always wanted to work in television ?

Yes. My school career officer had never heard of anyone doing such a thing before - school leavers usually went into general industry. I was lucky enough to be in at the beginning of Yorkshire Television, one month before it went on air to be precise. Working my way up from a postal messenger to a senior sound technician and working with many famous people.

Did you continue to work with any other childrens programs ?

Yes. I worked on The Flaxton Boys, Junior Showtime, How We Used To Live, Pop Quest, Origami, Mr Trimble, Stepping Stones, Calendar Kids, Puddle Lane, Mooncat & of course The Riddlers. Q What other programs have you been involved in ? I have worked on so many programme's I couldn't begin to list them all but here are some of them.

Main Chance 1970/71 Justice 1971/73 Kate 1973 Hadleigh 1973 The Organisation 1973 South Riding 1974 Don’t Ask Me 1975 Calendar 1978 Booktower 1980/1984 How We Used To Live 1980/1981/1983/1984/1987 The Bounder 1984 Home To Roost 1986 Room At The Bottom 1987 New Statesman 1988 Where There’s Life 1989 A Bit Of A Do 1990 Beecham 1991 Junior Showtime 1969 My World 1969 Stars On Sunday 1969 and other years Dangerous Corner 1970 Quennies Castle 1970 Farmhouse Kitchen 1971 Emmerdale Farm 1971 onwards 1972 The Brontes Of Haworth 1973 Rising Damp 1974/1977/1978 Oh No It's Selwyn Froggitt 1974 Winner Takes All 1975/1981 Dickens Of London 1976 Raffles 1977 Les Dawson Show 1977 Sister Dora 1977 Charlie’s aunt 1977 3—2—1 1978/1982 Sandbaggers 1978 1979 Good Companions 1980 Stepping Stones 1980 Only When I Laugh 1980/1981/1982 Secombe 1981 Frankie Howard Show 1981 Bounder 1982 Where There’s Life 1982/1983/1985 No 10 1982 Harry Secombe 1982 Countdown 1983 onwards Hallelujah 1983 Duty Free 1983 Book Tower 1983, 1984 In Loving Memory 1985 Puddle Lane 1986 Farrington Of The FO 1987 The Birthday Show 1987 Home To Roost 1987/1989 Farmhouse Kitchen 1987 Parkinson 1988 No Strings 1988 Through The Keyhole 1988/1991/1993 Singles 1988/1991 Living It Up 1988 A Bit Of A Do 1988 Cannon And Ball 1988/1990 New Statesman 1988 Riddlers 1988/1993 and other years Haggard 1988/1990 1989 Fun & Games 1990 Casino 1990 Fiddlers 3 1990 Rich Tea & Sympathy 1990/1991 New Statesman 1991 This Is Your Life 1991 The Time The Place 1992 and other years Gingerbread 1993 Talkabout 1993 Bad Influence 1993 and other years Question Time 1993 and other years New Voices 1993 Cryers Crackers 1994 Through The Keyhole Question Time Emmerdale

What were your favourite childrens programs when you were a child ?

My earliest childrens programme was Bill & Ben and Andy Pandy.

What were your favourite films when you were a child ?

Champion The Wonder Horse or any space film.

What are you up to at the moment ?

I took early retirement 2 years ago at the age of 53 after working at Yorkshire Television for 36 years and I now help a local community radio station in my village.

Kind regards Brian

Many thanks to Brian for taking the time to help out with a few questions concerning his time working on the riddlers and his other work in the television industry.

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