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The Spooks of Bottle Bay

Created by Ian Allen

The Spooks of Bottle Bay was a brilliant little series first shown in the 1990s on ITV. It concerned the adventures of the nice, honest and friendly Sidney Sludge and his fellow towns folk who are plauged by Sid's evil sister Sybil Sludge and brother Cedric. Sybil was a mean, nasty, and lazy, always up to no good sister who was forever drawing up plans to steal wealth and acquire it using her brother. Sid wanted no part of these goings on and so spent most of his time trying to avoid the problems. He was always helped (unknowingly to Sid) by the local town spooks. When the clock struck ten and the Moon was full and the night sky was dark then it was time for the spooks of Bottle Bay town to come forth in their sheets and stop the rotten Sybil from getting up to evil deeds. Lead by Sally Spook and Fred along with Baby Spook, the local spooks will stop at nothing to help Sid evade his scheming sister. Sidney so hates his sister and her life that he left their home and went to live and Ted and Lilly's guest house in Hill Street.

Main Characters

Sidney Malcolm Sludge

Sybil Sludge

Cedric Sludge






Baby Spook


Batty Bat

Daffy Spook



School Master

(owner of Mermaid Molly Galleon)
Owner of the Hair Salon
The Owner of the Hair Salon

Second Hand Shop Owner

Captain Patch

Will Spook

Duchess of Dingle Dale

One of the Crew
(bit scary if you ask me)

Punch and Judy Man

Spooky Night School
Lucy Spook
Lucy Spook (courtesy of George W.)

More of Spooky Night
School locals
Nancy Spook
Nancy Spook (courtesy of George W.)


Original Story and Characters created by Ian Allen
Performers Francis Wright, Richard Coombs, Ian Allen, Simon Buckley, Sue Dacre, Phil Eason, Tony Holtham, Steve Nallon, Nigel Plaskitt, John Thirtle, Heather Tobias
Lighting Director Rob Kitzman
Camera Team Tony Etwell, Ross Oglethorpe, Tristan Mullane
Grip Joe Smythe
Gaffer Sonny Burdis
Rigging Gaffer Mike Chambers
Sound Roy Drysdale, Sean O'Donnell
Puppets & Sets by Playboard Puppets
Francis Wright, Bebe Barrett, Judith Bucklow, Ann Cartwright, Elaine Cartwright, Dodge, Peter O'Rourke, Paul Jomain, Mick Hockney, Neil Arnold, Iain Mennell, Glyn Pugh, Rob Matson, Lesley Hussain
Production Coordinator Anna Lisa Seccombe
Production Assistant Sarah Jane Wright
Continuity Elisabeth West
2nd Assistant Jemma Forte
Online Editor Matthew Hall
Dubbing Mixer Ian Tapp
Associate Producer Matthew Justice
1st Assistant Director Melanie Hicks
Editor Paul Endacott
Music John Beckett
Spooks Theme Charlie Skarbet & Richard Blanshard
Executive Producers Ian Allen, Jim Beach, Dominic Anciano
Producers Roy Burdis & John Thirtle
Script Editor and Director Paul Cole

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