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The Spooks of Bottle Bay

Episode Guide

Picking up the pieces

Picking up the Pieces

Our adventures revolve around the little seaside town on Bottle Bay. Sid now lives at the Sea View Guest House which is run by Ted and Lilly. He and Maxwell (his dog), try to live a normal life but unbeknown to everyone, Sybil his nasty sister has returned to Bottle Bay during the night. She returns to her home and decides that she will kidnap Sid so that he can help her with her plans to do evil things and steal valuables. First though Sybil must find Sid, which is a little trickier than it first sounds. It is made even trickier since the Spooks of Bottle Bay have seen her arrival. Sally Spook was out on her way to Spooky Night School when she saw the arrival of Sybil. She instantly reports the news to the other spooks at night school. Sally, Tommy and Daffy then set about finding out what Sybil is up to and try to thwart her every move.

Madge Splatt chatting on the bus Sid with Bike troubles Sid and Maxi are fearful of the full moon

Sid and Maxi off for Fish and Chips Sally and Baby Spook in the House on the Haunted Hill Sybil Sludge drives into town

Sid is at the fish and chip shop (owned by Bella) getting the three fish suppers. After has he has left the shop, Sybil enters and tries to get Bella to tell her where Sid lives. Sally Spook is able to stop her by casting a spell which makes Bella talk like a chicken. A furious Sybil leaves but is determined to find Sid. She goes to the local hair dressers and it is there that she eventually finds out that Sid is staying at a local guest house and even though Tommy Spook does his best to stop her getting the address. Armed with the knowledge, Sybil heads there in the dead of night intending to kidnap Sid. As she climbs up the side of the house, Sally Spook and the others bring her crashing down.

Sybil is not pleased to see a rook in the kitchen Billy Bat delivers Sally's spell book Sally, Daffy and Tommy decide to intervene

A Spooky Party

Sid gets the chance of a job. He is talking to Joe who own the Galleon the Mermaid Molly. There is to be a party and he needs a waiter for the night. Sid likes the idea but does not have a dinner jacket so Joe tells him to go to the second hand shop for one. meanwhile Sybil is arguing over the price of an ice cream. She is walking past the Mermaid Molly when she spies Joe painting. She eventually finds out that there is to be a party with some very important people going. She also hears that one of the guests (Lady Crumpet) is unable to attend so she decides she will impersonate her in order to steal money and the Dingle Dale jewels. She is unaware that Sid will also be there as a waiter. Sybil needs a dress for the party as so goes to the second hand shop. Whilst trying on several dresses, Sally Spook enters the shop and disguises herself as a monkey costume. Sally wants to find out what Sybil is up to.

Joe painting the Mermaid Molly Sybil finds out about the party and the diamonds Sally and Fred watch the goings on

Sybil trying on dresses Sally Spook enters the shop The Galleon ready for the party

Soon Sid enters the shop after a dinner jacket. Sybil sees him but makes sure he does not see her. Sybil over hears that Sid will be a waiter at the party and she lets it slip that she must find a way to get rid of him in order to steal the diamonds. Sally Spook over hears all. Sid arrives on time but is a bit nervous. It is a full moon which means there may spooks about. Whilst serving the guests he bumps into Sybil who tells him to keep quiet and not to give the game away or it will be the worse for him. Sybil then hits Sid and he drops the glasses. Sally and Fred Spook see what happens and decide that they must let Captain Patch know what is going on. With the Captain's help, Sally and Fred Spook prevent the theft of the diamonds and all ends well for Sid who is hailed the hero.

Sid and Joe Sybil and Sid meet Sally and Fred decide to help Sid

Captain Patch is on the case the party is in full swing Sybil steals the diamonds

Sid saves the day with a little help from the Spooks Sybil ends up overboard The Spooks decide to have their own party

A Bug in the Bath

Details to come soon

Doggy Tail

Details to come soon

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