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I thought I would add an extra page on bits and pieces of information that I have gathered over the years but for which I have precious little else. Most of the images below represent items that I would love the BBC and ITV to bring back to our screens whether it be in the form of a repeat showing or an official DVD release. Anyone having similar material or requests can let me know at the usual address and I will upload it to these pages.

Break in the Sun written by Bernard Ashley

Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley

Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley

Patsy and her best friend Kenny who was always being bullied at school

Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley

Patsy's step father and her mother.

This was quite a gritty piece of drama produced by the BBC. I remember thinking (me being 15 years old) how awful it was for the girl to live such a terrible life with no way of escaping. The novel and serial concerned the life a young girl called Patsy Bligh. She was very unhappy at home especially with her bad tempered step father who was always shouting and in a bad mood. Patsy longs to be with old Mrs. Broadley who lives at the seaside in Margate. She and mum had happier times then before they moved to the city. So Patsy runs away from home to be with her. This sort of rang bells and could perhaps be compared with plot two other dramas, one film by the Children's Film Foundation called "Flight of the Doves" and the other an Australian children's serial called "Catch Kandy."

Apologies for the quality of the images. I managed to get these off an old video stream which was almost worn through.

Patsy's stepfather Eddie is not easily shaken off and he sets off in pursuit of her. Most of the drama concerns Patsy's attempts to stay ahead of him. Eventually she reaches Mrs. Broadley's house in Margate only to find that the old lady has recently died. Patsy as you can imagine is in shock, her one chance to escape the nasty stepfather has been wrenched from her dreams and she feels all alone. If this were a "Play for Today" type production Patsy would have died after hearing the dreadful news about Mrs. Broadley but for children's BBC, Patsy has to be given a way out and it comes in the form of a remorseful Eddie who promises to try and be a good stepfather.

The start music can be heard by clicking here (600Kb mp3)

The end music can be heard by clicking here (850Kb mp3)

Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley Break in the Sun by Bernard Ashley

The episodes were shown on BBC1 back in February 1981. The serial lasted for six episodes (each lasting 25-30mins) and was dramatised by Alan England. The main cast and credits were as follows (thanks again to the RadioTimes for this information). Nicola Cowper went onto to star in mostly British televisions dramas including "Inspector Morse", "Dangerfield", "Holby City", "The Practice" & "Minder" to name but a few.

Break in the Sun Written by Bernard Ashley

Patsy Bligh Nicola Cowper
Eddie Green Brian Hall
Sylvia Green Catherine Chase (running scared)
Joe Brian Peck (Jackanory)
Mrs. Broadley Kathleen Heath
Kenny Kevin Taffurelli
Jenny Lindsey Walker
Pete Steve Hodson (star of Follyfoot)
Mrs. Granger Patsy Rowlands (huge filmography)
Bob Bob Mason
Ruth Shirley Dixon (Carrie's War)
Mark Bowler Chip Sweeney

Photography David Edwards front book cover
Photography Tony Russell back book cover

Set Designer Peter Blacker
Executive Producer Anna Home
Director Roger Singleton-Turner


Marmalade Atkins written by Andrew Davies

Who doesn't remember this brilliant piece of childrens acting. It was like a breath of fresh air in terms of it challenging the very fabric of children's place in school and the world in general. Brilliantly acted by the late Charlotte Coleman who died when she was only thirty three. The series examined all aspects of a child's life growing up around school and education. Produced by Thames Television the small pilot episodes soon a ran into several seasons and a whole load of acting offers for its young star Charlotte.

The first series was produced in 1981 and had the following cast and credits:

Marmalade Atkins in Space Written by Andrew Davies

Marmalade Atkins Charlotte Coleman
Mr. Atkins John Bird
Mrs. Atkins Lynda Marchal
Mrs. Allgood Gillian Raine
The Colonel Dudley Sutton
Sister Conception Dicken Ashworth
Noddy the Dog Freddie Jones

Music by Andy Roberts
Designer Jan Chane
Producer Sue Birtwistle
Executive Producer Pamela Lonsdale
Director Colin Bucksey


Marmalade Atkins Marmalade Atkins

Further series were produced called Educating Marmalade (covers shown above). This was produced in 1982-1983 and had the same cast as previously shown. The theme song though was sung by "Bad Manners." A new director joined the team in the form of John Stroud.

In 1984 Marmalade returned with "Danger: Marmalade at Work" This contained 10 episodes of the comedy show. Mrs. Atkins was replaced by Carol MacReady and the theme song was sung by Charlotte herself. The directors lost Colin Bucksey but gained Peter Duguid who shared the job with John Stroud.

Carrie's War written by Nina Bawden

Just look at the price of the book, shows how old this is. This was an odd sort of children's drama since it did not have a real plot i.e. there were no ghosts or baddies or missing treasure etc. It concerned two children called Carrie and Nick Willow who are sent away to the country (evacuated from London to Wales). The series was set during world war two and the children end up in a new household with rather strange guardians. The master of the house was a mean old man called Mr. Evans who scares the children. Anyway to cut a long story short, Carrie finally understands why Evans is like he is and the cursed skull turns out to be a red herring. The atmosphere of fear and suspense is wrongfully placed since there is no need for it in the story and bears no influence on the supposed plot.

The five part serial was shown slightly later in the afternoon on a weekday back in February 1974. Each episode lasted for between 25 and 30 minutes.

Carrie's War Written by Nina Bawden

Carrie Willow Juliet Waley
Nick Willow Andrew Tinney
Mr. Evans Aubrey Richards
Aunt Lou Evans Avril Elgar
Mr. Johnny Matthew Guinness
Hepzibah Green Rosalie Crutchley
Albert Tim Coward
Mrs. Gotobed Patsy Smart
Dramatised by Marilyn Fox
Music by
Costumes George Ward
Designer David Crozier
Executive Producer Anna Home (Lizzie Dripping, The Changes,
The Canal Children, The Moon Stallion,
Break in the Sun, Knights of God to
name but a few)
Director Paul Stone (The Children of Green Knowe,
Moondial , The Baker Street Boys,
The December Rose & Tom's Midnight Garden)

Kizzy based on the original book "The Diddakoi" written by Rumer Godden

Kizzy was a BBC production based around the Rumer Godden's story called "The Diddakoi." The adaptation was spread over six episodes each lasting around 25 minutes or so. The six episode series was first shown in 1976 on Wednesdays with the following transmission dates:

Episode Title


Transmission Date on BBC1


The Wagon
21st January 1976
What shall we do with Kizzy
28th January 1976
She can't stay here
04th February 1976
Into Care
11th February 1976
No Escape
18th February 1976
The Bonfire
25th February 1976

Kizzy was a travelling girl but she was only half gypsy. Kizzy lived in a wagon as can be seen from the scanned image below. Her Gran was very old but she looked after Kizzy. Kizzy's only other companion was Joe the horse who pulled the wagon. Kizzy's life was turned upside down when her Grandmother dies and Kizzy is forced into the system which she is totally unprepared for. In the system she faces loneliness, bullying and fear. Quite a sad tale overall but has a happy ending for all.

Kizzy based on the original book "The Diddakoi"  written  bu Rumer Godden Kizzy based on the original book "The Diddakoi"  written  bu Rumer Godden


Based on the Book "The Diddakoi" Written by Rumer Godden
Venessa Furst
Betty Hardy
Admiral Twiss
John Welsh
Olivia Brooke
Anne Ridler
Prue Cuthbert
Melissa Docker
Mrs. Doe
Miriam Margoyles
Mr. Blount
Michael Wardle
Lumas Doe
Ben Howard
Mrs. Cuthbert
Angela Browne
Paddy Ward
Meg Ritchie
Mildred Blount
Mary Jo
Isobel Gordon
Clem Oliver
Toby Bridge
Elizabeth Oliver
Lisa Welsford
Emma Smith
Norah Blaney
Uncle Jess
Ernest Jennings
Francis Sargent
John Udall
Patrick McAlinney

Peter Gosling
Bill Wright
Series Cinematography
John Turner
David Jewitt
Barry Hill
Lilian Bragg
Ann Brown
Production Designer
Myles Lang
Series Producer
Dorethea Brooking
David Tilley


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